Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back to Business Names

Okay, I'm still mulling around for a name for myself/my business for doula care, midwife homebirth assistant, crochet toys, and snooty art. I like the idea of having a name and then having 'divisions,' as it were, for each offshoot of my business.

So far, helpful suggestions have steered away from Bumpin sMels, and towards name meanings. I can't find a translation website that will give me the english phonetic sound of a word from another language that doesn't have the cyrillic alphabet. Here is my list so far:

Adero-African-She who creates life
Aamira-Arabic-full of life
Etsuo-Japanese-Joyous life
Ayla-oak tree/related to the moon
Koray-ember moon
Manadis-Norse-Moon woman
Mitsuki-Japanese-beautiful moon
Phoebe-bright moon
Alina-bearer of light
Chandrima-light of the moon
Marama-Polynesian-moon, light

And then there are plants that I like; I love the name Olive for a business but I have an acquaintance who is an artist and has a soap making and photography business she has named Olive. So no dice. Arnica (healing plant). Bamboo appeals to me: Bamboo shoots? Bamboo baby? Moon Bamboo? Bamboo moon?

I also like trees (bamboo is technically the largest species of grass). Oak, birch (too close to bitch), Ash, cedar, Arbutus: Arbutus shoots, arbutus leaf, arbutus branch, arbutus blossom, Arbutus bark, Arbutus baby? Arbutus birth (doula care), Arbutus baby (toys), Arbutus blossom/branch (midwifery assistant), Arbutus root/arbour (snooty art)?
I love dogwoods but who wants a baby catching business name with the word 'dog' in it? Seriously. Magnolia (Steel Magnolia, anyone?). And Mag sounds like hag, not the sound I'm going for.
Cedar is cool, too. But is Arbutus cooler? It's southern coastal specific, since they don't grow throughout the province, whereas cedars do.
Trees denote strength, loyalty, dependabiltity, ability to withstand storms, etc.

I should really go back to my homework, but I would LOVE your input: votes? Suggestions?


Louise Chapman said...

Few thoughts for me! Any kind of tree, like Oak, Arbutus etc. makes me think of Vancouver. Someone may thing that is where you are situated. Just saying that as someone who lived there. I do like all of the `offshoots' of it though!
I'm a sucker for `life' meanings because it is so meaningful and all encompassing, to me. All the swahili ones were possible names for our daughter (if we had one!). maisha, amara etc:)
AND, the big thing!!!!!! You will have to register your name with the city to make sure that no one else has it, so make sure you google your options! Same as domain names. If you want:, you better check if it's taken already! We are switching from to to simplify it but every single person is gcphotography!!

jenna said...

great ideas!
Arbutus Baby seemed familiar so I googled it to see if it's already out there. I did not find a business but a song by Raffi called Arbutus Baby. I like Raffi.
Do you have translations for Thai words?

melissa said...

Ohhh, Raffi! LOVE Raffi! I wish I had more Raffi for my kids....I should download some from itunes!

Thanks for Googling it for me, Jenna! Good tips Louise. I'll google names I like, just to see. Is being from Vancouver a bad thing? Aren't we sorta in that zone?

Anonymous said...

hey lady, did ya know that the arbutus, which i love, is called a madrona tree by our friends south of the border where it grows along the coast down to northern california?
the 'o' in madrona is pronounced 'oh' instead of softly and i like the sound of it. (can you tell i can't remember how to show hard and soft vowel sounds!)

Louise Chapman said...

Mel, to clarify `Vancouver', I mean the streets in the Kits that are named after trees. Oak, Arbutus, etc. When I hear those names, I assume something is in Kits (not the general vancouver area).

melissa said...

oh, I get ya, Louise! Thanks for clarifying, I was like, 'is that bad?' but i get it now.