Friday, June 4, 2010

Caution for Dumpster Divers

Last night I worked and it was REALLY BUSY!!! Early in the morning, about 3:30 or so, a garbage truck was starting its rounds. It picked up a dumpster and tossed the contents overhead into the garbage truck, and out fell a person!! Hollering to beat the band, and badly banged up in the process! He survived, but will probably be traumatized for the rest of his life. He wasn't a dumpster diver per se: just homeless and looking for a place to sleep.

We also had a 3 year old with a badly busted leg, an 8 year old with seizures, an infant with asthma, a hiker lost in the woods, an adult with a busted leg, an atypical heart attack, and a little old lady who fell out of bed and just wanted help getting back in. But dumpster diver takes the cake.

This job is nothing if not interesting. Jeepers!

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ms emili louann said...

should i feel badly that i laughed?

truly, though - poor guy!