Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Picker

Riley is a certified Nose Picker. He's a professional. He does it IN HIS SLEEP, PEOPLE! He does it when he's waking up, when I pop him off my breast when he's sleepy, when he's falling asleep, and all day long. ALL DAY LONG. It's so gross. Not only does he pick, he eats. Eats and eats and eats: I don't need to feed this kid! He's getting all kinds of calories, just from the contents of his nose!
I can't remember if I told you this, but the other day I was at work and Brent called my cell phone to tell me that Riley had just picked his nose and put it in BRENT'S MOUTH!!!!
[in Brent's defense, he was looking the other way at the time]
Our other two kids went through an exploratory stage regarding the nasal passages, but they never picked like this. As I said, Riley is a professional.
I'll capture you a photo of it, so you can all enjoy it as much as we do.

Also, Ayden and Matthew have reached a new stage in their relationship. It's called the Hate Your Brother stage. They fight NON STOP. Fortunately, they are separated by virtue of being at school all day long, except on weekends. But the summer vacation is rapidly approaching and THIS COULD BE DANGEROUS! Or at least supremely annoying.
Until now, we have had good success with teaching them to try and talk out conflict with each other, and find a grown up to help if that doesn't seem to bring the argument to any sort of satisfactory conclusion. This has recently devolved into incessant tattling. "MOMMY! MATTHEW LOOKED AT ME!" "MOMMY, AYDEN SCRAPED ME WITH THE BLOCK BY ACCIDENT AND DIDN'T SAY SORRY!" "MOMMY, RILEY TURNED ON THE T.V.!"
It looks to be a summer of refereeing. I'm so looking forward to it. NOT.
I look forward to sleeping in, travelling near and far, staying up late, and tons of quality time together. I look forward to summer vacation with the same anticipation that the kids do!! Because I miss them when they are at school. My very bones ache. So it will be wonderful!!! Except for the incessant fighting and tattling. Oh, that.


Rachel Clear said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, gagging.

Roboseyo said...

I'm a picker, too. back off!

we pickers stick together.

(get it? stick together?)