Friday, June 18, 2010

Runners Up

Anyone know how to turn this into a poll? Caryn, you're the pollmaster....anyone? Anyone?
Here are my shortlisted favourites for business names:

[looks like this]

Adero-African-She who creates life
Aamira-Arabic-full of life

Ayla-oak tree/related to the moon

Manadis-Norse-Moon woman

Alina-bearer of light



Louise Chapman said...

When you go into layout, you can choose `add a gadget' and choose `Poll'. Fun stuff!!

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Aw man, Louise beat me to it. Yeah, it is under "Blog Layout"

Lovin' the new blog layout.

On another note... in terms of mailing something to Rob... email me so I can have your email address and I will email you back with our mailing address.

Deb said...

Melissa - you can also just drop something off at my place to bring for Rob - that would be cheaper than mailing it to Caryn. Brad, Aria and I are all heading over as well.

deb at livingmartyrs dot com

ms emili louann said...

that is a kick ass tree. if you go with that name, i would love to design your logo.... :)