Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strawberry fields

Today Riley and I picked strawberries. It was SO nice, to go out with just my littlest boy, spend some time hunched down in the strawberry fields, talking and dreaming and filling up four pails of fresh, gorgeous, delicious strawberries! Riley can be fairly talkative these days, when his brothers aren't around to fill up the airspace. Hooray! I've determined that my biological kids just walk early and talk late, and that's just the way they are. I don't have to worry about their speech development. They talk when they are ready.
His favorite topic today was the fact that he was helping me, and I noticed many times he put three words together, which is pretty new for him.
"Mine. Ewp. Mama!"
{I'm helping momma}
over and over
"Pay. Up. Yay!"
{Airpline up in the sky. Yay!}
"Muk. Pss."
{Milk please}
So, I breastfed my two year old while standing in a strawberry patch, surrounded by four half full ice cream buckets and tons of other strawberry U-pickers. Thank heaven for the Ergo. Most people had no idea, though it must have looked weird, just standing there for a bit. Thank heaven also for floppy boobs. I've never been thankful for those before, but it's easier to breastfeed a toddler in the ergo if your boobs are kind of go-go-gaget, you know what I mean?


We had a great time!

I'm also torn in three directions this weekend. Sunday, my very good friend Rob is getting married in Korea. We were, of course, invited, but couldn't quite manage to get there, though we did seriously contemplate it for a long time!! You can read Rob's blog here, if you'd like a peek at him: he's seriously cool, and a wonderful friend, and although he's a teacher, he's really a writer. We artists all need our day jobs.
The next place we need to be is in Regina, cheering on Brent's brother as he graduates from RCMP training. We are, in fact, going there.
The third place we need to be is at my grandfather's funeral on Saturday. This past Sunday night he passed away peacefully in his sleep, after a full extra year of life [last summer his heart gave out and suddenly stopped while he was in the car, which happened to be pulling into the parking lot OF THE HOSPITAL, of all places, NEXT TO AN AMBULANCE, of all things, and that proximity meant that the CPR and defibrillations performed on him worked like they are meant to, and he survived!! Some of you may remember praying for him at that time]. It is sad, but we did have that extra year. And he lived a full and memorable life. I would like to devote a post to him in the next few days. Because of our trip to Regina, we won't be able to attend his funeral here in the lower mainland. I'm very disappointed.
It never rains but it pours!

I sure hope it doesn't pour any more in this area for the next THREE MONTHS! We could use some summer weather already!!!


Tania Grim said...

I want to go strawberry picking sounds yummy. Its amazing how fun it is to hang out with the little one alone hey. I have 3 kids in school in september and cant wait to go do fun things with my toddler.

p.s sorry about your loss :(

amy frances said...

Oh, Melissa. This morning, I needed the belly laugh that your go-go-gadget boobs comment provided, in the worst way. Thank you so much for being you!