Saturday, June 19, 2010

Update on crochet adventures

I'm learning a gazillion things lately in the world of crochet and beyond. Most notably, I have decided that I detest working with cotton yarn. It's fussy and sticks to itself, doesn't take kindly to verigated dying, and turns into a shapeless bag after a few months of playing with end item.
Acrylic yarn is much softer, dyes well, and holds its shape. It has the added bonus of being 100% machine washable and dryable, which is a big bonus with children's items. BIG negative? It's fake. It's someone's Chemical Romance cooked up in a plastic manufacturer's lab. Ew.
Wool ranges in softness and holds its shape best of all yarns. It holds dyes gorgeously and comes in all weights, colours, and from all original animals (sheep, alpaca, you name it). It needs hand washing and air drying, generally.
I am officially in love with WOOL! Wools of all kinds, but especially soft wools in chunky weights in bright colours, and PARTICULARLY artisan wools which are hand spun and dyed by the farmers. Delish.
[knotty by nature being my #1 favourite yarn store. thank you, sara]
Wool, wool, wool, I love you, I love you!
I recently discovered that wools and other fuzzy materials are referred to as fibres. There are FIBRE FESTIVALS! [tiny orgasm]
Jeepers, who knew I would ever get this excited about YARN?

I've also been teaching myself to knit this week, wanting to branch out in versatility and pattern availability. I bought "Amigurumi Knits: Patterns for 20 Cute Mini Knits" at Michael's the other day. Last year at a craft fair I bought "Easy Baby Knits: Clothes and Accesories for 0-3 Year Olds," and at the beginning of Easy Baby Knits there are detailed instructions and photos to teach oneself to cast on/off, basic stitches, common pattern abbreviations, fixing mistakes, finishing, and more. I've taught myself to cast on, knit, and purl. No mean feats! My goal is to be able to make a baby hat by three weeks from now. My friend has a baby photography business and she knits the most amazing items to act as props and costumes for her photos. Her items are so popular she can't keep up with her orders, and is searching for someone to do piecework for her. She is a very accomplished knitter with VERY high standards, so I am worried my knitting won't be good enough for her, but here's hoping! I'm good at crochet, so hopefully I can catch up with knitting pretty fast. In fact, she writes her own patterns and is hoping to publish a book of her patterns for photography props, but is so busy working pieces she has no time to even write down her patterns, let alone get them published in a book!
Here's her website: Mamique Photography, with tons of her knit items. She sells these pieces to other photographers and is in quite high demand.
Wish me luck

[And to reassure myself that I'm not entirely made of left thumbs, I'm crocheting a jellyfish at the same time. The tentacles are FUN!

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How the hell do you find time for this, too!?! You amaze me, Mel.