Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back from Vagina

Yes, in Canada we have a city that rhymes with vagina. And nobody has ever thought this was strange enough to actually CHANGE. Like when you meet a guy named Richard, and he ACTUALLY GOES by the nickname Dick. Excuse me? You need to put a stop to that. Or a woman with the last name Dyke who doesn't change her name when she gets married. THIS WAS YOUR ONE OPPORTUNITY!! I'd be inclined to change it. There's nothing wrong with dykes. You know me well enough to know that. I'm talking about NAMES that make everyone shiver inside when they hear them, and feel grateful for their own boring Smiths and Joneses.

My apologies to all the dicks and dykes.

So, we have this city called Regina, which is where we went this weekend with all of Brent's immediate family (12) and Brent's brother's parents in law. Wow, that was a mouthful! So, fourteen of us were in Regina on the weekend. Now, amongst friends Regina is often referred to as "The Vag" but Matthew has trouble remembering it as anything but Vagina. He'll loudly declare Vagina to be a windy city. He told me on a crowded airplane, "Mommy, Vagina is really far away from Langley, right?" And later, waving out the window, "Goodbye, Vagina!!!"

Sometimes I think I should have a bajillion more kids, just for the entertainment factor! And then I remember KIDS ON A PLANE. Kill me now.

We had fun. There was an open house at the RCMP training depot to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the RCMP. Very cool! Tons of awesome stuff. We hung out at the park, took a tour of the parlaiment buildings, wandered around the lake, went to the movies, hung out with family, went for ice cream (Matthew was banned from ice cream that night for leaving a pile of chicken in the corner of the tile bathroom floor during dinner and then pretending he had eaten it....that burned....hopefully he remembers THAT lesson and never lies again for the whole rest of his life), and enjoyed balmy weather! The last time we went to The Vag it was -46 degrees and blowing wind at 50 kph. This was an improvement.

It's great to be back!


amy frances said...

Poor Dick Van Dyke.

melissa said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Nice. How did I not think of that???!

Jen said...

laughed out loud with this one. twice. andrey always rolls his eyes when i giggle after somebody says Regina. i think i embarrass him. i don't get it. he's too cool for vagina regina but is quick to call the public bathroom the pubic bathroom. and that's just the one off the top of my head. there's more where that came from. whatever.

glad you enjoyed the vag.

Breanne said...

Stop saying, "VAG!" Lol.

Asheya said...

I clearly remember being 5 years old and my friend told me she had just come back from 'Regina'. I looked at her incredulously and told her that WAS NOT A PLACE!!! We got it sorted out, but the association is forever fixed in my mind. And now my parents live I have to tell my kids that their grandparents live in Regina. Which they find very hard to believe.

We're all going there this summer, however...and I think we should all officially start calling it "Reh-jee-nah" which I believe is the correct British pronunciation, as the name does refer to royalty and the queen.

melissa said...

Re-jee-na reminds me of Phoebe from Friends: her fake name was always "Regeena Filangee." It was hysterical.