Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've also figured out two of my most persistent cravings in this pregnancy. Pregnancy cravings shouldn't be called 'cravings.' They should be called 'Food that consumes a woman's every thought and core essence to her very DNA until she can eat it, at which time it subsides slightly.'

Pregnancy cravings are also V.E.R.Y. specific. Mine are, anyways. My two persistent cravings are Lay's Salt and Vinegar potato chips, and egg salad. EGG freaking SALAD, people!!! What am I, eighty??? Egg salad is old people food! I've always liked egg salad, but here I am daydreaming about it as if it were pure unadulterated chocolate or something.

Egg salad....yummy....

Thanks to this pumpkin:

Isn't it amazing what happens in just 8 short weeks? 6 really, because the first 2 weeks are the time between your last period and your next ovulation, so you're not actually pregnant. But that peanut looks like a person! Well, more so than the 5 week one, which looks like a small crustacean with a blood blister attached to its stomach (the heart, which beats at just 5 weeks!).
I had a few of you ask questions, which I will try to remember...
Brent got to tell the boys this time, because I got to tell them when I was pregnant with Riley. Matthew said, "Oh!" and looked at my stomach kind of curiously, and then went on playing with his toys. Ayden wasn't sure whether or not to believe us. "Really?" he said, not wanting to get too excited if it was just a joke, "Are you serious?" "Are you really serious, or are you joking?" "Really for real?" And when we convinced him really for real, he was star struck. Oh my goodness, this child is in love with babies. He kept laying his head on my stomach and getting this dreamy look in his eyes. SO CUTE. A little nerve wracking, in case I had a miscarriage or something--he would be DEVASTATED. Holy jeepers does that kid love babies. He's reeeeeeally hoping for a sister.

Which leads me to the next question asked of Rachel, will we find out if this baby is a boy or a girl before it's born this time? And the answer is no. This time, I have less invested in whether it's a boy or a girl, so I won't be disappointed if it's born and it's a boy. I was worried I might be, last time [and honestly, I might have been], and I didn't want to mar the moment of his birth with disappointed feelings. This time, I don't care as much. A girl would be GREAT! And a boy would be NICE! So. Plus, I think this time around I will refuse a routine ultrasound, based on the minimal amount of helpful information this could grant me. Almost all conditions that I was worried about last time would have other symptoms (ie, placenta previa or accretia were the big ones for me, because I am a VBAC so the risks of those conditions were/are higher for me--less so statistically the more VBACs I have), and most other conditions with the baby detectable by ultrasound would not affect how we choose to go about life and/or birth. So, nothing but surprises come February (my EDD is early March: I'm shooting for February ;)

So far this pregnancy, I feel better than during either of my last two pregnancies. Which is SUCH a blessing, especially after the 14 weeks of gross taste-bile-every-waking-second nausea I had with Riley. And some puking. Including on my BIRTHDAY. I will milk that until the day I die. YOU MADE ME PUKE ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! AND YOU DARE GIVE ME ATTITUDE!!!


I have had one friend who squealed, "That means it's a GIRL!" but I don't think so. I think it's because I'm healthier now--especially in the B vitamin category, and I know B vitamins are sometimes used in the treatment of hyperemesis gravida (too much puking leading to too much weight loss during pregnancy). And I'm not working ridiculous amounts of hours and single parenting two preschoolers while my hubby is away playing at police boot camp. Ha ha. Plus, this time around my blood sugar feels way more stable (my glucometer isn't working so I don't know for sure, but I feel NO blood sugar crashes and I have had NO spider nightmares which were so frequent and linked to low blood sugar during my last 2 pregnancies), which I attribute to a high protein diet and cinnamon and chromium supplements. Awesome! Maybe I can avoid GD and have a small baby!

I also have way more energy this time around. LOVIN' IT!!! However, the whole motion sickness thing is really cramping my style.

I'm trying to really savour this pregnancy. It will be my last one.
xo, Rice Peanut. Kisses from momma.


amy frances said...

I'm so glad to hear that your last pregnancy, so far, is more savorable than the others. I hope you have many sweet moments in it.

And I love egg salad! It might be my favorite sandwich. My "recipe" is killer.

Louise Chapman said...

I also had very specific cravings with Koen and they were the super yucky food that you are not ever supposed to eat: processed cheese slices and lipton noodle soup packages. YUCK. I wonder if it was my body saying `GIVE ME SALT!!!'. So glad that you are feeling so good, that is awesome. Except motion sickness, not fun.

Dana said...

I'm so so glad for all the happy news in this post :) :) :)

Doulanic said...

Here I am visiting your blog Melissa! Tania had wanted us to get in touch - now we are! Cool. :-)
(I responded to one of your comments on my blog by the way ....)

Love the way you write by the way - very personable!
And kudos to you for choosing not to U/S this time. I really have to bite my tongue in classes and clinic when people talk about choosing the 3-D u/s's to see their babies for fun .....

Deb said...

I was super sick with Aria - and people said it was because it WAS a girl, so gender guessing based on nausea obviously is about as reliable as a necklace on a string... I'm super excited for you - and a little jealous - even if there's a number 2 for us, there certainly won't be a number three - and 4 kids running around our house will only happen when friends are visiting.