Thursday, July 29, 2010

Residual Questions

Amy asked what the 'H' stands for in HBAC; it's Home Birth After Cesarean!

And Tonya and Asheya mentioned that it would be tempting to toss in the towel and quit my job altogether. To be honest, the mere thought of earning no income to supplement what Brent makes causes me more nausea than going to work. If I can just hang in there until October or November, I can go on maternity leave and get paid for another year. Not much, but something.
We struggle so much to stay afloat that it's hard for me to see not earning anything at all. But my hope is to start my business selling my crochet items (and hopefully knit, if I can get better at knitting...a WIP...), paintings, doula care, slings, and (maybe) being a midwifery assistant for home deliveries. As a paramedic, I can assist at home births if I get my NRP certification (Neonatal Resuscitation). Which costs $700. At some point I'd like to get that certification, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to scrounge up the dough! My mom is a home birth assistant. It sounds awfully cool. So if I can get a business up and running, bringing in at least some income, and write my home office and car off for tax breaks, I won't come back to BC Ambulance after my maternity leave.
That's the plan.

Lori asked about the Walk Of Shame. It's not really a waddle. It's a rumply clothed, tousled hair, sleepy eyed sort of walk, fairly early in the morning. Like, earlier than you would expect after a late night party. Like they woke up, realized who they were sleeping with, and thought, I gotta get outta here!!! My cousin Kathleen introduced me to that term. She applied it to the groupies who follow professional athletes around, which is pretty funny, too.

Tonya asked if pot is legal here. NO. It is NOT. It is VERY MUCH illegal, though our culture is very accepting of it. It's 'natural,' after all. I can't go into why I hate it so much on the blog. But I loathe it.

I think that gets us up to date...

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Ruchi said...

Hi Melissa. Finally had a chance to check out your blog... It's so cool that you are planning a HBAC! Anyway, wanted to be in touch w you about the knitted item I owe you but can't find your email address on your blog. My email address is on my blog so you can contact me there.