Thursday, July 1, 2010

While folding laundry...

I'm on a roll tonight. Three posts! And I should be sleeping.

Tonight while folding laundry I watched a show I had PVRd a long time ago from TLC about a family who had a four year old daughter and newborn quintuplets (it followed them for a year, finishing with the quints' first birthday party). Wow, that show made my household seem tame. That takes some doing!!! We literally fear for our light fixtures on the ground floor sometimes, because the vibrations on the ceiling from the boys' jumping around are so strong. But in this house, for an entire year, someone was crying 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 52 weeks a year. Holy crikey!

It was emotional to watch, because they had been caught by the recession after the mom got pregnant with the quints, and financially they were tanked, emotionally they were done, and physically they were doing the impossible, daily. The show flashed those statistics sentences every once in awhile, and one said, "In the first year of the babies' lives, the ---- family income dropped by $90,000, and their expenses increased by $60,000." This family was spending over $5,000 a month on formula and diapers alone. I kept thinking, if you bought yourself some cloth diapers, and even partially breastfed those babies, you'd save yourself thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars!!!
Yes, it would be taxing to breastfeed FIVE BABIES! But their life is no more taxing now, with babies sick and then sick and then sick again, huge pitchers of formula to mix and prepare numerous times a day, mix, feed, clean, sanitize, mix, feed, clean, sanitize, TIMES ELEVENTYBILLION!! If you could trade mix, feed, clean, sanitize x 5 for open bra, aim, feed x 5, you'd save yourself some energy as well as money, man. Fo sho.
Can you imagine how much food you'd have to eat to breastfeed FIVE BABIES?
If you cloth diapered five babies you would have to wash diapers every day. But they would all fit in the same load, so you wouldn't be doing that much more work. And you'd save a ton of money. Only one more load per day, so not a ton extra laundry soap...
Just sayin'...

I have to go to bed now. This is ridiculous. But first, my friend Louise took some awesome photos of my latest amigurumi animals!! We're going to trade services: she takes pics for me, I knit/crochet props for her. This is the best kind of business transaction!!! I gave away the amigurumi princess to the little girl who requested her from me last year, and I gave her brother a frog and her little sister a whale. They all three LOVE them. So great! Here are some of those gorgeous photogs (which I intend to use on my new website, if I can ever settle on a freaking NAME for my business...I'm down to 2 names...can't decide...can't decide!!!!


amy frances said...

Dude, those little guys are the cutest toys ever.

Regarding chromium, which we were talking about a while back:

I've been diagnosed with a few hormonal disorders, and the doctor/naturopath put me on a supplement regimen that includes 900–1300 mcg of chromium per day, taken every time I eat a meal. She told me that, if/when I get pregnant, I'll have to stay on it to prevent gestational diabetes, which I'll almost certainly get without it. She treats all of her patients with my disorders this way, and she said they have healthy pregnancies and babies.

It's only been a week, but I've slept through the night twice this week, the first time in months and months, so I think it's doing something good!

I don't mind talking about the details more, if you're interested. (Just not in a blog comment!)

Peace out.

keli said...

liss, how do i get my hands on a jelly?!!!