Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (on a Thursday)


ms emili louann said...

shut up.

ms emili louann said...

i mean.... YAY! ;) this is great, mel. really, really friggin' spectacular!!

Louise Chapman said...

Love the announcement!! Hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!!

Dana said...

Whoohooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Dawn and Dale said...

Totally commenting on THIS post!! :o)


Caryn Ouwehand said...


Wow. Love this announcement.
Congratulation. Wow. wow. wow.

It's a girl. I'm calling it now.

lori lls said...


I am not kidding that I was laying in bed tonight nursing Zoralee AND WONDERED WHEN YOU WOULD BE PREGNANT AGAIN.

Congratulations to all five of you!!!!!!!! This is fantastic news!!!!!!!

Asheya said...

Wow! So awesome! Congratulations!!!!

I can't believe you're going to have four. FOUR!!!! You are an amazing person.

Please tell us how your boys responded when you told them the news--I have a feeling they are probably super excited!

Tonya said...

Wait, what? YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and the PINK test. PINK. Think PINK.

Tania Grim said...

congratulations Melissa! Very exciting!

Rachel Clear said...


I can't believe that I somehow missed this post! This is awesome!

Didn't I just ask you like a month ago if you were pregnant and didn't you sort of chide me and say that you weren't?! Maybe I have ESP! Maybe I knew it was coming all along!

This is so awesome!

I think it's some kind of sign that the pregnancy test was pink, I really do.

Roboseyo said...

yaaaaaay! Four is the same as MY family!