Monday, August 23, 2010

2 Years Old!!!

I can't believe our baby is two years old already. I remember when he was C.B., still living inside me, quiet and unobtrusive, content just to be. Just to listen to all the noisy flurry of activity on the outside, buzzing around my body. I remember the moment he was born so clearly it feels like an instant ago. My first thought was, "Wow, that baby is HUGE!" and my second was, "I DID IT!!!" A successful VBAC baby. I felt like I'd been run over by a truck after running a marathon, I was so tired and all my muscles ached so much. And my endorphin high was pretty fantastic.
My third thought was, "Wake up, baby!" Because he wasn't breathing yet. And he was unconscious. I'm so grateful to be giving birth in an age with modern resuscitation equipment and protocols. What a gift. What a gift. He's such an angel.

An angel with a mischievous side...
He has mastered this head tilt 45 degrees to the right, tuck his chin in towards his chest, train his dark, old soul eyes on you, and sweet begging for what he wants that is just priceless. You get way more flies with honey than vinegar, and doesn't this kid know it?!
His favourite word is "MINE!" which can mean, "I want to do it myself!" or "This is MINE!" even if it isn't. Every two year old knows that if you see it, and you want it, it's yours. Especially if you lay claim to it verbally.

Rileys speech is developing at warp speed all of a sudden; he touts 3 and 4 word sentences frequently since we went camping this past week. Things like, "Mine done, not," and "Mama, eat, more, bubblegum!"
He manages to make bubblegum sound like it has fourteen syllables, even though he pronounces it correctly. If you like a word, stretch it out--then you get to enjoy it for longer! He also knows how old he is. If you ask him, he studiously arranges his hand to show two fingers, and very seriously answers, "Two." Uber cute. Hooray! The words are coming in late, but they're coming!!!

If asked where the baby is, he lifts his shirt and points to his tummy. I could eat him for breakfast he's so cute. After pointing to the baby in his tummy he points to mine. "Baby. Mama. Yeah." He still loves to breastfeed, though he's down to twice a day on average. Sometimes he goes as long as 30 hours, and sometimes he's on 4 or 5 times a night or on a bad day (emotionally, for him: I don't mind it!). But on average, twice a day. He has agreed to share his milkies with the baby when it is born. That took some talking! =)

He loves to be naked. Who wouldn't, with that built in toy parents are always hiding behind a diaper? At the beach the other day he would request to put on his bathing suit to go into the water, and then request it be removed while he played in the sand. Go figure? We're starting to focus in on toilet training, to increase his awareness of when he is going. It would be skoukum to have him out of diapers before February. [Don't worry; I harbour no expectations whatsoever. I have 3 kids. I know how wishful thinking comes back to bite you in the ass...but it WOULD be nice!]. Riley hates having his diaper changed. HATES. Has hated it since the day he was born. You would think he'd get used to them after over 3,700 of them? But no. Major torture. Major drama.

He loves the bath, though. This, too, has been a constant since day one. For nighttime fussy periods, I would put newborn Riley in the bathtub and he would instantly settle. By the time the bath was over, he would be content again. He was such an easy baby!

He is also very affectionate. He loves to give out kisses and hugs, and sings to us all the time. Mostly songs about bubblegum and lollipops, in all keys and variations and expressive tones.

momma's homemade applesauce
tomatoes (!)
peppers (!!)
grandparents, all
baby doll found at the beach
his tricycle
cataloguing owies

being told No
riding in the stroller
being teased by his brothers
having his bandaids fall off. This makes him extremely mad.
bats (we discovered, while camping. He screamed like he was going to die)

climbs like a monkey
runs all day from morning til night
3 or 4 word sentences
chatters while looking at a book, talks about the pictures in appropriate context
makes up songs
uses sign language for ambiguous words like "Poo," which means poop and food, or for water, which he can't say and won't attempt
kicks a ball very far
jumps with both feet
tackles like a bear (which he pronounces 'bur,' with almost no vowel in the middle...very cute)
Says "Ayen" for Ayden, and either "Moga" or "Mat" for Matthew
drags large sticks everywhere
throws rocks with his left hand
eats with his right hand
hits with both hands
bites with numerous teeth
refuses to say or sign 'sorry'
imitates, imitates, imitates

Love, love, love to our 'Turd' child, the manifestation of a dream, the fulfillment of so much, and the total encapsulation of our hearts in your hands. All of us. Even Moga, who steals your candy and toys like nobody's business.

We are proud of you, cute butt. You are astounding.



Louise Chapman said...

Happy birthday to your gorgeous 2 year old!! Mel, I love seeing pictures of you on here:)

Rachel Clear said...

Lots of love to him indeed! The difference between him at 18 months and 24 is crazy!!

Tonya said...

Awww. Happy Birthday Riley! Made me sad to read all this because I haven't met him in person yet! He is such a cutie. I love the way you describe your kids on here. Love that he's talking more. Yay! Oh, and just today I was thinking about how much I enjoy Liza. I don't remember enjoying my other's as much. Which made me sad. It's so good to hear you say you enjoy Riley SO much. These kids are just such huge blessings.

Asheya said...

Big XO to 2 year old Riley! I love how you know him so well, and list all his likes and dislikes and his little quirks of personality. BIG XO to you too, amazing mama! And I'm celebrating your VBAC with you, as I know you will be on each of his birthdays!