Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm sorry for the looooong silence!! I wasn't off celebrating toileting success, ha ha, I went to my brother's place in McBride (11 hours drive split into two days) last weekend with my mom, sprained my ankle, got back to no internet service, and ran around like a chicken with my head cut off this week. My internet was back up last night, but I didn't have time to even check my blog because I was going through the 57 emails in my inbox (which I just finished now)! Mostly Old Navy fliers and Spam: I'm not that popular!!! :D

Although in fact, toileting success has continued to improve, steadily. We're down to occasional pees when something reallyreallyreally distracting is going on. Slowly, but steadily.

Our trip was amazing: I have to post you pictures because it's just too hilarious to believe without proof. My brother owns 150 acres of Fraser River waterfront property 10 minutes from the (very small) town of McBride. He has mules, an excavator, dirtbikes, a river boat, etc, etc: all kinds of very exciting fun for three little boys. In about 2 minutes flat, Matthew was in the excavator on my brother's lap, operating controls and having the time of his life. All 3 of them rode in the excavator, on the dirtbike, on the mules (except Ayden--bad experience early in life), in an old car my brother has, in the boat, and spent hours smashing around in the dirt. It was fabulous. I have pictures. I will share them soon, I promise! Talk about Free Range parenting...we let them loose and didn't think about them for hours! Now I have a hankering to move to McBride!

Tomorrow is Riley's second birthday. Look for a post tomorrow about my baby!! Two years ago now I was in labour, in the shower in my bathroom, and my midwife was here. I remember it with crystal clarity. I had to stand up for every contraction. I sat down between them on a stool in the shower, to rest. Brent was blinking back sleepyness. I was hard at work. It was hot out.
Sweet baby. I love you so much. We all do!


Louise Chapman said...

Yippee! Glad you are alive and well-ish (how's the ankle?). Happy birthday Riley!!!!!

nancy said...

Happy Birthday to my oh so sweet easy going grandson! Can't believe its been two years since my mad midnite dash to the coast to witness my very focused strong daughter push out that bowling ball head attached to a 10 pund body!!
love nana

Anonymous said...

I think your wonderful husband (as I recall you have called him in previous posts) was not 'blinking back sleepyness' but was actually praying for you.

nancy said...

well saild, Brent!