Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Livingroom

"When I grow up, I want to be even more famous than 19 kids and counting, and have 20 KIDS AND COUNTING!!! And then my wife will be really tired."

This was stated during the drive home from Otter Lake last week. We HOWLED with laughter. Especially when he went on to expand that he and the kids would be able to play video games and eat candy while his tired wife slept. Sometimes, when Brent is working nights and the dishes are done and the kids are in bed, and the house is all tidied (NOT!!!) and my emails all answered (DOUBLE NOT!!!), I sit down and watch some back to back PVRd episodes of 19 Kids and Counting, for reasons I've described previously. Of course you all are familiar with my addiction to this crazy family. Sometimes, because he has a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, Ayden joins me. As far as grown up TV goes, this is pretty wholesome. Speaking of which, the Duggars' girls ACTUALLY WEAR bathing suits from Wholesome Wear dot com that LOOK LIKE THIS:

To each his own.
I may not agree with how this family views women's sexuality, but I respect their right to hold different views from me.
This is how one NOTES differences in parenting without JUDGING them. Comparing and judging are quite different. It is not a double standard to compare parenting and expect to be treated respectfully instead of being judged.

Apparently, not everyone feels the same.

Although I do point out the wholesome wear to make people laugh, because the difference does seem a bit absurd. So maybe that comparison isn't the best example of my non judgementalness (or striving towards thereof).

I never claim to be a rational being. After all, I'm CRAZY FOR REAL. =)

I better go clean my livingroom. My mom, grandma, and aunt dropped by unexpectedly yesterday and I did the 2 minute MAD DASH HIDE THE TOYS UNDER THE COUCH AND THE SLEEPING BAGS ON THE STAIRS AND THE EXTRA CARSEAT INSIDE THE SHOE CUPBOARD cleanup, and it still looked like a bomb went off in there. I'm having guests for dinner. I really should make this house presentable, for once. I've realized recently (and not so recently) that although Brent and I LOVE to have people over to visit and for meals, we never do it anymore. Even our birthday parties are somewhere else, though that usually has to do with space and the numbers of people involved, since nearly all our friends are having kids at exponential rates. Well, in fact, most of our friends are finished and we just keep on breeding. The reason we rarely have people over anymore is because I'm grossed out at the state of our house. The first year of having kids, I managed to keep the house pretty clean because I wanted Ayden to be able to explore freely without much danger or exposure to gross germs. When I went back to work, the slide began. I've been beating myself up for YEARS over this, but I've now concluded that my work is to blame, since I can keep things under control when I'm not working for a few weeks or months, for whatever reason. NOT the first few months after a new baby. That would be ridiculous. But later. So, this decision to strive towards work from home by starting my own business and quitting my paramedic gig will be good for the state of my house. Why care about the state of my house? When it's messy, I can deal with it and I feel fine. When it's so messy I can't actually sweep or wash the floor to in any capacity, I get very anxious. My thoughts are generally in the realm of WE'RE SUCH DIRTY PEOPLE WE'RE SO GROSS IF ONLY PEOPLE KNEW THEY WOULD HATE US BECAUSE WE'RE SO DISGUSTING I HATE THIS.
Not so pleasant.
Suffice that to say, I am looking forward to having my house back to reasonably presentable status. One in which I'm not embarrassed when people enter my house and take off their shoes because their socks are going to get so dirty they'd be better off leaving their shoes on.
[*as a side note for my American friends and relatives: Canadians ALWAYS take off their shoes inside the house, and consider it extremely rude for guests to leave them on--an interesting cultural difference that needed some explanation for that last statement about shoe wearing to make contextual sense].
Off I go. Cleaning the livingroom. Pray for me.


Louise Chapman said...

I also love the Duggars...it's on tonight and they all have the chicken pox or something.
As for house cleaning etc, when you have a baby, please let me clean as I kinda like it:)
PS I'm very excited that you are feeling so well and I can't wait to meet baby Vose in another 6 months!!

melissa said...

YAY! Yes, you can clean my house. Are you kidding me???!! That would be AWESOME! Come over anytime once the baby's here, and go nuts!!! =)
Cool to have another duggar fan!!
I can't wait to meet Vose #6 either! C'mon, pink....

sara said...

Maybe my new baby gift will be to come over and clean out your closets. You know I love that.

ms emili louann said...

i love that show, too :)

actually - i gotta get me one of those swim dresses... my post-pregnancy gut is still clinging on :( booo. i think i'd be comfy in one.... maybe.

Tonya said...

We like the Duggars here too. It's just nice to see a reality show that isn't all about SEX and total dysfunction. Ya know?

As for the house? Come on. Your real friends don't care. If people do care, they aren't friends. And as for the no shoes and dirt on the floor? UGH. Sometimes I wish I would wear shoes just so I couldn't feel how dirty my floor is!

melissa said...

@Sara~my closets are calling your name....!!!! And every single time I open my linen closet, there you are, in all your organizational, fantastic ideas glory. And it makes me smile.
My bedroom closet is currently inaccessible because of the floor, littered with pants I can't wear because of Rice Pudding....NEED HELP...

@Em~the same thought DID cross my mind. My tankini just doesn't flatter much anymore!!!

@Tonya~I know that real friends shouldn't judge, but honestly, it's gross. It grosses ME out and I live here! How much worse would it be if it wasn't your own dirt? Gah...

lori said...

We do the shoes off thing in Alaska too! Must be a northern thing, started because of the mud and snow seasons. (?)