Sunday, August 1, 2010

Photog carnival

I finally got around to posting pictures of our trip to Pender for camping!!
Here we are on the ferry on the trip over.
We had waffles and whipped cream with strawberries, and eggs and bacon for breakfast....yummy!!!

Last month we purchased a new camera on a buy-now-pay-later deal. We buy all our big, non vehicle purchases that way, and never pay a dime of interest because we pay it off in time. Saving up for the purchases doesn't seem to work as well for us as signing up for the buy-now-pay-in-12-months-no-interest (but 29.9% interest after that). So now, we are the proud owners of a Canon Rebel T1i (which means nothing to me except we have a nice, big camera that takes skoukum pictures). This means that I have my photography happy husband back!! This is one of his main forms of artistic expression, and when I met him he was big into photography. In fact, the very first time I ever met him, he was taking pictures of my dance troupe for the yearbook. He says he noticed me then, but I didn't notice him until five months later. So, as a natural consequence of this new camera purchase, Brent ALWAYS has the camera. There are more photos of me than of him, because I can rarely have a chance to take pictures!


Jellyfish were a huge hit

Boobie pit stop

I managed to sneak the camera and take this picture of succulents that I really like

As pleased as we are with this new camera, we realized when we got home from this trip that we could really use a filter....

Live starfish, also a big hit

Medicine Beach fortress

Affectionately called Fish 'n Tits by my always inappropriate, sometims really funny husband

Matthew (always the ham: is the 2nd child ALWAYS class clown???)

Our camping hammock is a huge hit every year

6 weeks pregnant


ms emili louann said...

ahh! i am loving your pictures! looks like you all had a fun time :)

and you look so beautiful pregnant! little rice grain will be here before you know it.

Louise Chapman said...

Love seeing so many pictures of YOU! Looks like tons of fun. Yes, our second child is an absolute monkey/ham as well.

Jen said...

dude I am loving all the pictures and the best part is that there are so many of YOU!! Love all the breastfeeding pics, too. And you look fantastic, by the way, you baby-growing machine(a toddler and a fetus, your body is amazing! you never stop multi-tasking now do you?!)!! You go, girlfriend.

melissa said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad to share the nice photogs...
Jen, you make me laugh! I guess my body IS multitasking, isn't it??!! No wonder I'm tired!!!

Dana said...

Loved the photogs! What happened to that adorable baby we met last year? The closest I could find was that handsome little fellow who bears a vague resemblance... ;) And your other little men are very handsome too!

You all look sososo happy, and you are glowing and looking fantastic.

Fish'n'Tits cracked us up.