Sunday, August 29, 2010

Point your toes and don't look down

This week I've watched 6 hours of So You Think You Can Dance Canada auditions that I have saved on my PVR. My eyes hurt! But I LOOOOOVE this show! I have to say, lots that I criticized about the first season is gone (Blake McGrath producing, judging, running auditions, AND choreographing--SLIGHT conflict of interest there?!?! Now he just produces and runs boot camp, and might choreograph in the future, which are not conflictual and means I have to listen to his arrogant, pampered, baby-ass voice LESS OFTEN. = HAPPY ME), and the reason I stopped watching the second season altogether doesn't appear to be repeating itself (dance as porn is NOT art and we don't have to be skanky sexy to compete on an artistic level with the U.S.). I'm wildly excited about the results of the auditions--Vancouver ROCKED this year!!! And many dancers I remember from previous years have really stepped up their game. Awesome. So cool.

But I would like to say:


Although none of you are auditioning. So my critique goes nowhere beyond here. Which is fine with me.

Yayyyyyyyyyyy DANCE!

Did you know I used to dance? Quite well! Oh, my flabby big butt, those were the days :)))
But I'm actually happier with my body now than I was then: go figure. Have babies, appreciate your body MORE! Look what it can DO!

Tho I'm a grouch this time around, when it comes to my size. I'm huge already. I know it. Other people comment on it. I've started lying and telling people I'm due at Christmas so that I don't have to watch their eyes pop out of their heads and listen to the comments. WHAT GIRL likes to hear about how BIG SHE IS? I want to cry. The "Are you sure you're not having twins?" comments have started already. Curl me up in a hole and cry.
I'm more comfy in my body than ever before, when I'm not pregnant. When I am, society tells me overandoverandoverandover that I'm the WRONG SIZE. On the socially unacceptable end of wrong size. What's with people? Strangers or distant acquaintances, I can lie to about my due date. But what's with people I know? Jeepers. How To Make A Girl Feel Terrible In Ten Seconds. A new movie idea.

But. Dance. Yay!


Tonya said...

Oh, I totally get what you're saying about being sick of the comments about how huge you are. When I was pregnant with my third, people would say, "when are you due?" Me, "in 3 months." Them, "THREE months? You mean 3 WEEKS, right?" SHUT UP. And going to church was the absolute worse. "THREE MONTHS? Are you having TWINS?" SHUT UP! You people are stinking RUDE! Don't you love being short? Tall girls usually have much less problems looking HUGE early on. Cripes, I'm not even pregnant and I look 3 months prego all the time.

Deb said...

The other thing is that people show faster with more babies, and heaven forbid people should have more than two, right? We're just not used to seeing someone pop like that anymore. I remember someone at my church (who had 5 or 6), and she'd go to church one Sunday and be fine, and then the next Sunday she'd look 6 months pregnant. It was amazing!

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Dude... you know I feel your pain. People suck on the "expressing-their-opinions-about-body-shape." Someone the other day outright told me I was built like a brick shithouse.


Rice cake is perfect. Your tummy is perfect.

Asheya said...

I've been watching the auditions and finals for So You Think You Can Dance Canada too...I was wondering if you were. I don't know much about dance, but there were some performances that definitely gave me goosebumps! I think my favourite girl so far is Amanda...I don't have a favourite guy.

I don't really like any of the judges, although I have to say that Mary is my least favourite. Blake is okay, but that's too funny about the conflict of interest first season!

And I wish they had chosen someone else to be the host of the show. I can't remember her name, but her puffy lips annoy me so much! Plus I find her quite fake generally. Just my opinion. The nice thing about TV people is you can judge them without it actually being 'judgy'. THat's what they're their for, right? HA HA.

Sorry about your size comments. Maybe you should just start telling people you're not actually pregnant--that will embarrass them for sure! But I guess if it's people you know that doesn't work as well.


melissa said...

People can be SO RUDE!

Someone took a chance on Sunday at church and congratulated me on being pregnant. That took me aback. It was rather risky, socially, to assume that I'm pregnant even though i LOOK pregnant.

And yes, Asheya, I agree that the host of SYTYCD Canada is fakey, fakey!! She's married to a producer and a V-jay on Much Music. Canadian theatre/entertainment is SOOOOOOO political and incestuous, it's shameful. I also think that next to the American host, who is SO kind and sweet and genuine as you can get on tv, Leya looks even worse. Ha!

nancy said...

I saw you a week ago - you look beautiful and healthy and you have a gorgeous pregnant belly! shorter women don't have a chance at hiding expanding uteri!
love you