Monday, August 30, 2010


We finally sold our Matrix! We gave up on selling it privately and went back to the dealership to take their $8,000 offer. People are gun shy of Toyotas, after the massive recalls put out by Toyota last year. It's too bad, because that Matrix was an awesome vehicle. Anyways, we paid off our loan on the car and now have that financial burden off our plate, which we were kind of desperate for. Hurrah!
Bye, bye, lovely Matrix. I loved you. Too bad we outgrew your capacity. Enjoy your new home!


nancy said...

hurray!! glad you got rid of that worrisome burden. Can't wait for our merrit connection tomorrow
love you

ms emili louann said...

yay! so happy for you!!

ps. i am going to get those sketches to you BY THIS WEEKEND! I PROMISE! i am a terrible procrastinator :( thanks for your patience, lady


Louise Chapman said...

Phew, glad it is sold! At first I thought you sold your house when I read the title!