Monday, September 20, 2010

6 Years Old!!!

Matthew is six years old today!! What an amazing milestone~I can hardly believe it's here! What an incredible, sparkly kid, packed full of personality, energy, and fun. Every day is a new opportunity to embrace life with arms wide open, exploring and learning and engaging with all things interesting. Matthew has a ready and mischievous laugh, a particular tone that indicates he's joking (which is employed a good 75% of his time), and an incredible ability to make noise for a 34 lb, 3 foot tall, thin-as-rails boy! Matthew knows intuitively how to live life to its fullest, with no opportunity wasted. Want to inspire or awaken your zest for life? Spend an afternoon with our little boy...

(Eating Paad Thai for birthday day supper)

-knock knock jokes
-Roald Dahl's The BFG
-television cartoons
-his hot wheels scooter
-getting dirty
-tactile learning
-exploring the world through touch
-bugs (except spiders)
-playing with water
-ice cream
-chocolate chips
-his family
-helping mommy cook
-anything FUN!

-red peppers
-sitting still
-cleaning up

Matthew is very happy-go-lucky, so he doesn't have a great many dislikes. Eating in general used to be a dislike, but he's actually settling into a more relaxed relationship with food now that we have changed our approach. He dislikes being teased when he's overtired, but who doesn't?

Developmentally, he's doing fantastic. His speech is incredibly intelligible and normal, with a very few current problems. A minor stutter, and difficulty accessing the vocabulary he possesses sometimes. He has come a very long way in two short years! He also knows all of his alphabet consistently even over the summer holidays and can sound out words with assistance (I think he just has to make the leap from *I can't read* to *I think I can sound out words, and maybe read!*--he's capable, but thinks he isn't). He counts to 47. He understands complex social relationships, has incredible manual dexterity, balance, apparatus manipulation, speed, and physical acuity. He is starting to internalize ethical behaviors, although he IS a second child and will bend ethics to suit his 'needs.' For example, today he lied and told me he didn't get a cupcake for his birthday in order to get me to bake him some more...I had sent 21 cupcakes to school with him, not realizing there were 22 students in his class. When I dropped him off, I told him he would have to serve himself last, and if there were none left, that we would bake some more at home for him. When I picked him up, the teacher said one child was sick, so there were enough cupcakes! Wonderful! And then I turned around and Matthew said, with a very convincing sad face, "Mommy, there weren't enough cupcakes, so I didn't get to eat one today."
I laughed and called him on it, and we made him more cupcakes anyways! Because you just can't have too many cupcakes on your birthday! But the big ethical stuff--don't hit people smaller than you, play fair, be kind to others, be gentle with creatures, don't steal--he gets.
He is warm and charismatic. I have had many, many friends pull me aside to tell me how sweet Matthew is, and I can see how good he is at making people feel singled out and special, no matter what their age. He is good at engaging people and sparking their interest in what he is doing (and he's always doing something, since his main goal in life is to have INTERESTING ADVENTUROUS FUN!). He is incredibly energetic. His disposition has always been resilient and positive. He is an optimist by nature and absorbs change, new information, and negative experiences in a way that I have rarely seen, putting a positive spin on almost every experience.
He's ready for school. He's ready to learn to read (he's RIGHT on the cusp! So fun to watch!), write (he is actually quite good at writing individual words), do arithmatic, and all those wonderful things we learn in school. He is impatiently waiting until he is old enough to learn to play the guitar. His goal is electric guitar and drums. I think we need an insulated garage in our next house!

What a gift he is to have around. Of his three mothers, I get to enjoy him the most, for the longest, and every day I savor that with gratitude. Go Matthew! We're proud of you!!


Breanne and Jacob said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! Cute kids.

tamie said...

Happy birthday, amazing child! You are one of the coolest, most fun and exciting kids I've ever met. Enjoy your next year!!!!

Asheya said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! I love how bubbling over with joy your mom is about you and all your amazingness.

Dana said...