Thursday, September 9, 2010

I LIKE spinach!!!!!!

Here is an update on Matthew and food:
Tonight at supper we had Cheesy Chicken Whachamacallit (on my sidebar under 'labels' if anyone wants the recipe), which is so delish. This is the first time Matthew has been served this meal since our 'new' method of feeding him, and he was allowed to leave ONE vegetable behind. He chose to eat the spinach and leave the mushrooms, and this was his reaction:

"I LIKE spinach!!!! YUMMY!!!!"

I think I hear Jesus laughing behind the door to my kitchen. I KNOW I hear a hallelujah chorus from heaven! Success! CHA CHING!

And he is exhibiting far, FAR less resistance to eating now, and is eating WAY MORE food and WAY FASTER than ever, ever before in his life. He is discovering new tastes that he never knew were available, case in point: spinach! I had to work hard to keep my face nonchalant and just said, "Yes, I love spinach too. It has lots of flavour in it. And lots of iron!" He is also less tired, cries less, fights with Ayden less, never ever begs me for food, and has more energy. He actually rides his scooter further than he did before. Coincidence? Totally possible. But I can't deny he's not perpetually hungry anymore.

Another funny thing is that we never have to say "You must eat it or else_____." We just say "You have to eat it." There is no punishment, except being goaded or spoon fed. WHICH, after posting initially, disappeared! He doesn't need spoon feeding anymore! He will sometimes ASK to be fed, "Can you do it, mommy?" And sometimes I'll do it, to make him feel a sense of control over how the food gets in, and maybe make him feel good about the increased amount of focused attention and eye contact he gets from me, but if I can't or don't want to, he can eat it himself in a reasonable amount of time.
If I had only known.
Doesn't God have a sense of irony?! Holy toledo. I'm shaking my head.