Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I don't know if it's the weather, or the rhythm of our schedule settling in (which can get mundane and insane at the SAME TIME), or the seemingly interminable waiting that is sometimes involved in the birth process (my friend has been going to have her baby ANY MINUTE for 24 hours and I'm her doula so the anticipatory waiting has been high around here for the past day!), but I'm feeling frustrated with my life. Not exactly funked, but kind of bummed out. Part of it is career oriented, because I'm not 100% sure of my midwifery plans at the moment, starting my business is seeming kind of flat, and giving up a specific career goal path is a bit of an identity freak out for me...Doing ANY single career for The Rest of My Life seems boring and hard, but doing no career seems boring and hard.

So, life is feeling a bit boring and difficult, at the moment! A passing phase? I'm positive, since I usually feel funked this time of year and most other times of year feel excited about life in general and don't have enough years to devote to all the things I'm passionate about or interested in. Today, life feels too vast to fill. Still, passing phases are not always fun even though they are transient.


ms emili louann said...

hey, lady - hang in there. i know precisely what you're talking about.

if it's any boost to your thoughts on your business - i finished your logo, and i think it looks pretty sweet :) i'll send it this weekend (when i have access to a scanner).

*big, warm hug*

melissa said...

thanks em! It IS a boost--maybe I just need something new to kick start me? Looking forward to seeing your work!! Big warm hug back. How's your sister?

Asheya said...

what to do for a career? I'm there too.

At least you know you want to do midwifery...and you're going to be an AWESOME midwife. I am jealous of all your clients already!

tamie said...

I've been feeling funked for about 5 weeks now. so I'm right there with you. Funny, I was reading the other day how changes in barometric pressure can affect mood. Maybe as the barometric pressure lowers (for winter), we're all feeling a little down. Don't blame yourself, blame barometric pressure!