Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photo post

In my garden;

The Nose Picker at work
(it's in your favor that I didn't take a photo of him eating it)

And on his coffe break from nose picking;

Matthew's family birthday restaurant of choice: McDonald's

Riley is a professional organizer at heart:

Or really just Jesus on the cross in his spare time
(caught sleeping on the stairs)

And a beautiful wedding on a gorgeous October Sunday
10/10/10, which happens to be Canadian Thanksgiving.
The wedding was gorgeous, and the most fun I've had
at a wedding since our own! (But I was peeved we didn't
get turkey at the reception). This is my friend Melissa
a.k.a. 'Wyville'

With her new hubby Geoff
a.k.a. Geoffica (and sometimes, GeofFucka,
depending on the hilarity of the situation)
My boys dressed up for the wedding...aren't
they amazingly CUTE?!
My bff was a bridesmaid, so we got to hang out
with her kid, Bodhi, all day! It's good practice
for having four boys....just in case...Bodhi has
the cheesiest fake smile for pictures EVER,
isn't he cute too? All my boys consider him their
best friend. Bodhi's an only child so I think my boys
are a bit like his brothers

All six of us

Now, I'm no professional but I'm QUITE proud of this photo:

Riley dancing up a storm with the flowergirls
(he's a ladies' man)

Ayden and Bodhi danced up a storm, too: Ayden
was flushed and sweaty from dancing nonstop
for over an hour...(Matthew refused to dance)


Louise Chapman said...

The boys all standing together and smiling= way too cute!!!!!! Love that you're using the new camera so much:)

Tonya said...

Oh your boys are so cute. And Riley? Hello BRENT. Spitting image, I'm telling you!!! Love the bugger picture too. I have a few of those myself of my kids (blackmail!!!).

tamie said...

The boys are cute, you're beautiful, and that picture of the flowers on the table is great!

Dana said...

Things I can't get over:

- that line of cars. Amazing.
- that your child just randomly fell asleep on the stairs. I fight for every z I get out of my kids.
- how freaking cute your boys looked dressed up for that wedding.