Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Potty training (I know, you guys just can't get enough)

Last week, we had a great week, which you all know about because I couldn't stop blogging about it or facebook statusing how many poops my kid did in his underwear.

Well, then he developed diarrhea. So we took a few days off, completely ignored toilet training, and waited that one out.

Yesterday was the first day back toilet training, and we had zero successful pees, and zero successful poops. There was some laundering. And some carpet cleaning.
And then today everything clicked. Two poops, on the toilet!!!!!! One at a friend's house (strange toilet, strange bathroom: recipes for failure until now)!!!!! Four pees, on the toilet!!!!!! And then mommy got distracted and forgot to bring him to the bathroom for far too long, and there were two pees on the floor. Those almost didn't count, because I was just distracted.

Hooray Riley! He's so proud. You should SEE his face. Too cute. And when his brothers cheer? It makes his day/week/month/year. Hooray for leaving diapers behind. Hallalujah! Just in time for another round of diapers with baby #4! :P