Monday, October 18, 2010

Successful birthday party

Matthew's birthday party was yesterday. I know, I know! A month after his actual birthday =) But he doesn't mind, and September is WILD every year, so this just got pushed back. We went to the movie theatre for his party this year. The party was good, but it was an expensive way to go. Fall birthday in our house often means a party 'out' somewhere, rather than a home party. I like home parties best but as aforementioned, fall is nuts. So.
We had 2 hours in the party room, food, drinks, 'freeze dance,' bean bag toss, a craft, cupcakes (which we brought), gift opening, and then an hour and a half long movie in 3D. It was fun. BUT we forgot our camera. Can you believe it? Gahhhh....

Riley's eye looks good: the optometrist said it's healing fine, just to use antibiotic eye drops for 4 or 5 days while it heals. He hates the drops, but he puts up with them.
Toilet training is still about the same. If we get him on the toilet every 2 hours, he's great! If not, he will only rarely tell us if he has to go until it's running down his leg! He IS only just two.

Ayden slept in our bed last night. That was a nice throwback! He hasn't done that in a long while. (The 3D movie scared him). It was nice to have him tucked up against my back again.

I worked Saturday night. Night shifts are gruesome this pregnancy, I have to tell you. Especially Saturday nights, because EVERYONE's been drinking and they get in fights and vomit everywhere, and I can't hold back my own puke whenever I see someone else puke while I'm pregnant. I went to one call in particular with three cops and a belligerent drunk who wouldn't cooperate but wanted medical attention, and the cops were laughing at me puking in the gutter while our patient made the sidewalk awash with beer and semi digested food. That patient was such a douche that I told him off.
"DUDE, it's two o'clock in the morning and I'm tired. Either answer my questions or get out of my face, I'm here to HELP YOU!"
"You guys don't care about me at all! Sob, sob."
Self induced drama. You drink too much, you get in a fight, and then you want my sympathy when you treat me like a piece of poop? The cops got impatient with his lack of cooperation and borderline aggression so in the end, they took him to the hospital in their PC. Excellent. The back of my ambulance won't need cleaning from our puke mixed together.

Sometimes it's funny to me to read about other peoples' complaints of sexual harassment at work. I mean, I'm rightfully horrified but the funny part is I get sexually harassed by patients virtually every shift. I've had to develop a thick snake skin and self protective verbal retorts that I keep on hand to deal with it. But there's nothing anyone can do to prevent this from happening in my type of work. There's no code of ethics for people soliciting the services of an ambulance (well, there is, but it's pretty low and doesn't include sexual harassment of female paramedics: even violence doesn't automatically exclude you from an ambulance ride, because combative head injuries get transported all the time, same with aggressive diabetics, and unpredictable psychs with violent histories. All of these are medical conditions that can cause violence and aggression, beyond the patients conscious control, and need hospital care quickly).

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Asheya said...

I never thought about that side of being a paramedic: getting harrassed by the patients. Talk about a difficult work environment! To deal with that on top of all the blood, gore, vomit, crap, and human suffering.

Wow, you are amazing. I honestly can't even imagine how you do it.

Midwifery is going to be like heaven! Even if a woman starts screaming at you in labour, at least you know that she's having a baby and something good is coming!