Friday, October 8, 2010


Sorry I've been quiet lately! I'm just so freaking tired!! I feel like I have a vacuous space instead of a brain in my head, even though all day long I think, 'maybe I'll blog about that!' Later, I can never remember what 'that' was!!! And here it is 1 a.m. and I should be sleeping. So hopefully you don't mind a bullet post:

-I'm just resigning myself to the fact that I don't do pregnancy graciously. Last night I was so grumpy I was laughing at myself while grumping about the bed and my back and the blankets and my husband and how everything was sore and everything was itchy and I'm so tired....Brent laughed at me too, because I was being so ridiculous.

-the only thing I like about pregnancy at this point is feeling the baby move. Oh, and midwifery appointments. Gosh, those make me feel so peaceful.

-I'm trying out a new approach to the march towards winter solstice this year: solstice as peaceful, instead of solstice as gloomy and depressing. I'm hoping it helps!

-I LOVE the smell of applesauce bubbling in the pot, waiting to be canned. Delish.

-I have contractions all day, every day, I'm in pain, and I'm worried the baby will come too early.

-Riley sleeps 12 hours every night without waking, thank you GOD what a blessing! And then last night he woke up 3 times!!! It's always worse when you're not used to it. Brent figured out that he had eaten very little supper and was probably hungry, though he didn't ask for food. He just kept asking to breastfeed.

-I have a new doula client. She's amazing. I want to marry her, she's so fun. She's due in Nov.

-I'm almost done work. Yippee!

-Riley got pushed off the top of the slide at the playground today, and fell about 5 feet and landed on his head. You've never seen a pregnant lady run so fast in your life! Thankfully he's okay.

-I bought a t shirt today that says 'Baby Makes the Belly Go Round' and I love it. I may wear it every day between now and March 2nd.

-I've purchased the domain name and am working on the website for my business! I'm very excited about it.

-I think I'm having a girl.

-I don't think I'll do EC. I admire it, but I just don't care enough to do it.

-Remember my laundry woes? For years I bemoaned my laundry. I've finally fixed it. We fold while we watch t.v. on the evenings that we watch t.v. So, most nights. When Mt Laundry is folded, it doesn't get backed up so far, and I feel better about laundering more loads. Also, I do one load per day. (Plus maybe a load of dirty pants from Riley's accidents) It keeps things manageable!

-Speaking of which, Riley pooped on the potty for the very first time EVER this morning!!!!! Hooray!!!!!

-And then he pooped his pants three other times today. He def. has the runs.

-Ayden started violin lessons. Did I mention that? He seems really into it, and likes to play--although he gets mad at me when we practice, frequently. Today he cried. Whenever he's frustrated I just play for him while he listens, or I offer to pack the violins away and play tomorrow, but he always wants to keep playing (or listen, he loves to listen to me play). I think he just has really really high standards for himself. Plus, he is incredibly tired and emotionally wrought by the end of a school day. It's tiring for him.
He's so serious about anything to do with learning, and he had three lessons before his violin teacher finally cracked a smile from him! He's also REALLY quiet. Hardly says boo. And then you get him in the van and it's like HOLY CRAP VERBAL DIARRHEA!

-Matthew was also pronounced quiet by his grade one teacher at parent-teacher interviews. I was all like, "Are we talking about the right Matthew? this is Matthew VOSE we're discussing, right?" and then I was all, "Whatever you're putting in his water bottle I WANT A LIFETIME SUPPLY. It was hysterical. I noticed his desk was strategically placed DIRECTLY in front of hers, so I figured she had trouble getting him to focus, but she says quite the contrary. She watched him operate last year whenever I would bring him into the classroom with me (Ayden had the same teacher) and assumed he would be busy busy, and need particularly close supervision. This is a correct assessment, according to me.
It turns out, we're both wrong. He's QUIET.
Until we pick him up from school and he's all HOLY CRAP VERBAL DIARRHEA! The kid is incessant.

-Actually, Ayden's most irritating trait is that he cannot sit still for meals, especially dinner. He literally twirls. His ass never actually brushes the chair. I want to STAPLE HIS BUTT TO THE SEAT, he sits beside me and is constantly in my space, bouncing on my chair or elbowing me inadvertently, or running over to the space by the fridge and twirling. Twirl. Twirl. Twirl. What are you, a ballerina on steriods?

-Riley's most irritating trait is that he screeches "MAMA!" and slaps me when he wants my attention.

-Matthew's most irritating trait is that he claps. OMG the clapping. Please. Stop. The. Clapping. Amazing how the smallest thing can be so irritating when its incessant. At the dinner table, all of a sudden he's clapping a rhythm. When you're disciplining him. When you're disciplining his brother. When he's supposed to be sleeping. Augh.

-The dog's is that he barks at the cat while we're trying to sleep at night.

-Brent's is that he is a total pig. You've never seen such a slob in your life, you might see my house featured on Hoarders by the time we're 50 if I let it go for even a minute. Oh yes, and the world's worst back seat driver.

-Mine? Hm. I'm pretty near perfect, that's hard. But there is that stinky fart thing. And Brent hates it when I burp. Though the boys think it's hilarious.

-The weather was gorgeous this week. I really love walking to school on crisp, sunny mornings through the fallen leaves. Awesome.

-My nose is cold.

-I'm reading "The Guernsey, Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I LOVE IT! At first I was really disappointed b/c it's a series of letters, which I hate. I hate books that are a bunch of letters to and from people. But it's totally worth it with this book, which is funny and moving and not pretentious all at once. And very very personable.

-I'm itchy.


-My uterus hurts.

-I need a few days where I just lay in bed and eat and drink and read. How on earth can I make THAT happen? I need a mini bedrest order. Did I mention I'm scared this baby will come early? If it comes now, it will die. Just after I typed that, it kicked me. "Don't be so negative, mom! I'm just fine!" Oh, I'll miss that baby rumbling when it's gone forever!! Feeling the baby move is my FAVORITE part of being pregnant. By far. I love it!

-I think we found a boy's name. Not that we'll need it.

-Still working out a girl's name, though. Only one shot: gotta get it right.

-Rar. My uterus hurts again.

-We contacted a realtor! She's coming by next Friday. I'm excited! Hopefully we'll move before the baby comes. We're bursting at the seams in this little townhouse! Pray hard we sell fast. Keeping this place spotless will be absolutely a ridiculous job. Pretty much everything finally has an organizational 'home' now--after several years of ongoing organizing and tossing and sorting--but our room is still the Final Frontier. I've gotten as far as the closet and the bookshelves, but the rest of it is still fodder for Clean Sweep. It doesn't help that my husband's stuff keeps migrating onto the organized surfaces (ie, razor knives on the bookshelf?! And iron on the washing machine? DAMMIT God has a sense of humor saddling me with this man. Though he does do a pretty mean bathroom renovation...). Rar.

-Goodnight! xo


Jen said...

LOVED this post! Laughed out loud. Will pray your house sells fast! When do you see your midwife next? Did you have painful contractions like this in your past pregnancies? I think you need a mini bed rest. I wish I could make that happen for you.

tamie said...

I love you! How can you make this random lists of things about your life so riveting to read? You should just publish stuff like this, like in a book. It's just so curiously interesting to read!!

XOXOXO. You're my inspiration.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

I loved reading this:) Can't wait to find out your boy and girl names! Hope the contractions subside for a bit. I know with Koen I also had painful contractions, but it was more for the last month, so I can't even imagine how you are feeling already! Your uterine muscles are going to be nice and strong:) (I have no idea if that actually happens but it sounds good!)

melissa said...

I'm glad you guys laughed! I was worried afterwards that I whined too much. :)
I see my midwife at the end of the month, so in three weeks? I told her about it, so she knows. I had very few contractions with Ayden, a few with Riley (but not this early), and this time, from day one, pain. Every day. Most of the day. Sometimes I have to lean over to deal with the pain!
And then Friday morning I drove the kids to school, set Riley up with cartoons, and crawled into bed. (Brent was sleeping til 11). I stayed in bed til 1:30 and got B to make me lunch, etc, and then drove to pick up the boys from school. Then I rested some more.
That confirms my self diagnosis! If only I could lay that low every day.
I napped today. SO NICE. No contractions today, either.

How do I stay in shape, avoid gestational diabetes, AND rest the amount my body seems to want?

And Tamie, do you really think anyone would want to read my random bits? Seriously. My life is so mundane!
xo back at you!

Weezer; I hope my uterus will be nicely toned. SOME good better come of all this pain!! :)

lori said...

Great post. Love the details.

Oh my lands, I have wondered the same thing about staying in shape during pregnancy and avoiding gestational diabetes (not to mention keeping limber for labor), yet not over-extending one's self and not bringing on the high blood pressure (which happened for me the last month with Z whenever I was up and around).

Asheya said...

ha ha! I loved your flaws! Feeling the baby move was my favourite part of pregnancy, too. I would *almost* get pregnant again just to feel that. And the moment the baby is born. And the first few days. Definitely the best moments of my life. But pregnancy in general? Awful and I hate it.

I know that complete bed rest has not been proven to be at all effective for preventing premature labour, but taking it a bit easy would probably help. Easier said than done with 3 kids, right?! Has your midwife mentioned taking oral magnesium? You might want to talk to her about it. I took it when I started getting painful contractions at 31 weeks, and it helped. It acts as a muscle relaxant, and you can't overdose if you take it orally.

Your life is definitely full! Hang in there :)

melissa said...

Asheya, I actually mentioned it to her! Because last time magnesium really helped with Riley. She gave me a very good supplement and it didn't help at ALL. Which makes me think it's not the problem. But thanks!

Roboseyo said...

Only one shot at a girls' name?

I recommend roberta. I just like the sound of it.

Tonya said...

Ah, you make me smile. Thanks for posting the things that irritate you. Very very funny! :-)

I had contractions with my 3rd starting the day after I found out I was pregnant. What is up with 3rd babies? Mine weren't always painful - unless I had to pee, or was tired, or had been on my feet to long. But they were definitely there. All the time. Very frustrating and concerning. And then I go into HARD labor, not walking and I'm dilated to a ZERO. Gee, contractions for 8 stinking months and NOTHING. So, have fun with all that. :-) His was a very short labor though - about 4 hours start to finish (it was 2 hours in that they said I was all the way to a ZERO).

Asheya said...

Tonya: just goes to show that you can't count on cervical checks to tell you anything about how long the birth process will take!