Friday, November 19, 2010

Bullet update

-First, I made sweet and sour stewed meatballs tonight, and YUMMY! And thumbs up from everyone! All three boys! I'm not sure I've ever hit a three in one before, especially on the first try. Sauce: 2 cups water, 2/3 cup white vinegar, 1 & 1/2 cups brown sugar, 6 fl oz tomato paste, and one can (8 oz) chopped pineapple bits. Bring to a boil in large frying pan with lid. Mix 3 Tbsp corn starch with 3 Tbsp warm water, and add to mixture JUST before adding meatballs.

1 lb ground beef
1/2 cup rolled oats
1 egg
2 Tbsp soy sauce
1 Tbsp onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper

Mix, ball, and add to sauce. Boil 20 minutes minimum. Serve over rice.

*Added later: Brent came home later and ate dinner, and didn't like them. Best three out of four, I guess...I just can't please everyone....*

-I haven't heard back from my midwife's office regarding my lab work last Wednesday, so I'm assuming I *don't* have gestational diabetes??? I'm assuming with a small measure of reservation, because you never know. Something could get missed, or be slightly elevated, or it could be assumed that GD can wait til my next appointment which is next week. Mostly, I'm pretty sure I don't have it and that the test came back normal, which is cause for celebration and relief, which I'll confirm after my next midwife appointment! =)

-We accepted an offer on our house on Monday, subject to financing, review of strata documents, and a home inspection: all subjects will be removed next Tuesday so we'll know for sure if we sold our house by then. I'll keep you posted! We're reserving celebration on that one, too!

-We looked at eight houses on Thursday. Our realtor told me we should go look only if I hold back my emotions and don't get too attached to any one house. IMPOSSIBLE. I fell in love with one house, which is perfect for us, and in pretty close love with another house right next door to the first one! Brent fell in love with my 'pretty close' and in pretty close love with my 'in love,' so now we have a dilemma on our hands...
We won't offer anyone anything til next Tuesday anyways, because it's better to offer without a subject to the sale of your own house, and was our entire motivation for selling first and not buying or seriously searching. Yesterday and much of this morning I was praying hard for God to change Brent's mind and make him fall in love with MY #1 pick, and then sometime this afternoon it all got to emotional and my brain quit and I don't care if we live in a box on the street or a hole in the wall anymore.
Ah, house hunting. So glamorous.

-I made chocolate pie yesterday. Holy crapola was it GOOD, and am I baking or what?!?!! This chocolate pie took 10 minutes. No joke! If you want the recipe you have to leave me a comment. =)

-I've suddenly realized that I'm The Birth Woman amongst my friends. Four women in the past few weeks have contacted me for information on their pregnancies! And in all four cases, their pregnancies are secrets, or one case of still to come. Which has me pretty stoked, to be entrusted with early pregnancy secrets, and to be trusted as a source of information on healthy pregnancy and access to birth options. Hooray for Mothers of Change, facebook, and blogging, because that's how many of them discovered my birth nuttyness and propensity for researching everything birth related. I actually enjoy reading research publications on birth. They are really interesting!! Anyways, I'm excited to help people find the resources they need to have the birth they want (or as close as possible). It's not quite BEING A MIDWIFE, but it's cool.

-Ayden has hit his groove with violin lessons. Hurrah! I knew he'd enjoy it if we could just find a good way for him to learn, and his teacher nailed it with a book that teaches beginners how to read music. He's such an avid reader, and such a visual learner, that I knew he would like reading music, and he really does. It frees him up to feel successful and focus on something other than the scratchy sound from his 1/8th sized violin. He can even practice without me sometimes! And he loves it when we play together, and this book has two part harmonies where he plays only open strings, and I play a harmony that goes with it (actually the melody) and it sounds real pretty without being super difficult for him. At his most recent lesson all three of us played together and that was pretty fun.
It's good for me to pick up my violin again after so many years of it gathering dust in my closet. I took lessons from age 4 to age 18, and continued to play for another 4 years after that, so I really missed the hiatus. Ayden's teacher has leant me some fiddle books and I practice those and she and I play while Ayden listens, too.
AND his teacher is someone we know from our old church, very sweet and kind, and she invited me to her prayer group on Tuesdays which was cool! I used to be a prayer warrior. Now I'm a survival and gratitude pray-er. You know, the HELPMEHELPMEHELPME or the THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU type of prayers. Digging in deeper again was nice, and I need the discipline of an outside source and an established schedule to get me to do it, so this is a good start.

-Brent and I have been going to a marriage course for the past 7 weeks, put on by our church. I mentioned it before. It was a good course, but I think mostly it was stuff we already practice. The good tips we got from it were gleaned in the first class, and that was to remember to spend focused time together where we give each other undivided attention more often (we spend tons of time together but feel guilty asking family to babysit for us to go on dates, and don't know any teenagers who babysit, making focused time together hard to come by), remember to be more affectionate, and to pray together. Otherwise, the rest of the course wasn't really that...helpful? It was a good course but I guess not for fine tuning. More for establishing foundations.

-Tonight Ayden and I went to an orchestra concert for a date. I wanted him to hear some violins in action, and he liked it. He didn't LOVE it, and we didn't stay after intermission because i could tell he was getting bored, but he liked it. We went for ice cream at Marble Slab afterwards. YUMMY! Nice mommy son date! =)

-It was incredibly cold today, and there was snow on and off, though it didn't stick and the boys were royally disappointed. I wasn't really, because all their winter gear is in their grandparents' barn awaiting our move, or our retrieval, which is what is going to have to happen instead. Hats, boots, scarves, mitts, winter jackets, snow pants...
I also have this huge dilemma in that no jacket fits around my belly, and it's too cold to have my coat undone. I get reaaaaalllly cold, really quickly--Brent's jackets fit me, but then he's needing said jacket on cold days. Do I buy a jacket just for the next 14 weeks? If the baby is full term but early, like 38 weeks, I'll only need that jacket for the next 12 weeks. But I really need that jacket. All of me shivers violently in the wind. When it rains, my belly gets wet.
On a related note, I can't wear regular pants anymore because even with the elastic, the seam where the fabric turns into regular pants fabric cuts my belly and hurts like hell. With Riley when i hit that point it was warm weather, and I had several comfy shorts and 2 pairs of capris that were made of very stretchy, comfy fabric that were like wearing pyjamas. Capris are a no go this time of year! I was desperate, and out of the blue my friend Dana came to town and brought a bagful of maternity clothes for me!! She specifically brought clothes that are most comfortable for the final stages, when normal clothes cut into your skin and everything is uncomfortable--isn't that thoughtful?! Two skirts in particular I haven't stopped wearing since she was here, and thankfully leggings are in because I wear those underneath to keep me warm. I wore her black dress tonight for the orchestra concert, and she brought several shirts as well. She's a LIFE SAVER! Three cheers for awesome friends who do thoughtful things!!
When you know it's your last pregnancy it makes it harder to buy maternity clothes.

-I sure hope I have a girl. My neighbor, who has 3 girls and a boy, is always 'reassuring' me that girls are way harder and have attitude and never shut up and are more high maintenance, and are SO DIFFERENT from boys, but I hate this. Kids have personalities. Period. Stop sticking them in boxes of 'boy' and 'girl,' and just treat each one as a whole person instead of a gender in kid form. And how reassuring is that? It's a psedo insult, because I have three boys so my life is therefore easier than hers, because boys are so much easier. Hello? My house SHAKES from their antics, my stuff is all broken, and no furniture is safe from being climbed or tipped. Having kids is work, whether they are boy kids or girl kids. I'd like to experience both. That's all.

-Here's my #1 pick for houses
-Here's Brent's #1 pick for houses
-votes? (note the matching playhouse in the backyard of my #1 pick)
(note also, you can see Brent's pick in the background of my pick's yard photos. They're next door neighbors)
(note, although Brent's is bigger, mine is better)


Dawn and Dale said...

I LOVE your pic much better! lol I love the flooring in the living room of your pic. I also love the openness of the kitchen into the living room with that big counter island thing! Brett's pic seems a bit more fancy but yours seems warmer and more functional for a family with 4 kids! (ie.....there is A LOT of whitish carpet in Brett's choice!! lol I have white carpet like that in this house and with 6 kids that is NOT a good thing! lol)

I also like your back yard better. Less work and more room to play around in! :) Praying for everything to fall into place for you guys this week!

Dawn and Dale said...

And what's with the 3 different eating area's in Brett's pic????!! lol

nancy said...

Yikes! They both look really great. So excited for you guys to be able to get into a house house with room for your ever expanding family. I love the outside of Brents pick, great landscaping. But I prefer the inside of your pick! Brents is quite a bit larger and I assume more expensive. Also, the adult who is spending the most time running the house hold - their vote should have greater weight! Sorry Brent.

Louise Chapman said...

I like the look of your house (nicely updated) but like the size (MUCH larger for 4 kids!!) and that Brent's is not basement entry. YOu good doing stairs every time you bring in kids/groceries etc? Both are wonderful options. Can't wait to visit!!!

melissa said...

Yeah votes!

@Dawn, yes isn't the 3 eating areas hilarious?! I noticed that right away. It's just the staging to make it look nice to sell. The third eating area is really a family room.

@Mom, that's EXACTLY how I feel--I'm going to be spending the most time in it, and functioning in it, so I should have a heftier vote! Like at least 70%!
If we bought the blue house (Brent's pick) we'd rip all the gardening out to make it more functional with kids.

@Louise, the blue house is deceiving with the stairs issue: I like the main floor entry too, but the garage is below the main floor so groceries would have to be hoofed up stairs in both houses. Also, the blue house is a split level with stairs everywhere: technically FIVE levels: main level, up stairs for three bedrooms, up 3 or 4 stairs to the kitchen, down 6 or 7 stairs to the family room and back hallway to the garage, then another flight of stairs to the basement!! It would be a nightmare with a crawling baby or new walking toddler: gates everywhere!!!
The split entry or basement entry is all that's available in our price range, unless we want a row house which we've outgrown the yard before we even move in!

tamie said...

Dude, I totally like your choice a lot better. Yours seems more kid friendly, more open and spacious and fun. :)

What about buying a coat at a thrift store? That wouldn't be expensive and would keep you warm!

I grew up playing violin too and I would like to take it back up again.

nancy said...

so I told dad my view that the main homemaker should have more say and his comment was" so the guy paying for it has less say?" such a male point of view!

sara said...

You know that my vote is for the green house. The more I think about, the more I think that it's the better choice. You want to LOVE your house. That's so important when you're about to have another baby and will be spending lots of time in the house.

Breanne and Jacob said...

I vote for Melissa's pick. For a Momma that likes to cook and bake, the kitchen in Brent's pick just won't cut it! Ha ha.

Both are great, but it's worth losing the extra bedroom if everything else in the house is perfect.

Good luck!

lori said...

I am so glad you posted that recipe. I was just wondering what to make for my parents' arrival tomorrow - something hot and comforting. And holla - I would love the chocolate pie recipe.

Both houses are super nice! Maybe Brent was drawn to the landscape/privacy of the second house, and you could promise him you'd plant shrubbery at the first house. :) I agree that lots of stairs are the pits with little ones.

Yay for maternity clothes that fit well. Yay for having your kids in music lessons. Yay for dates with kids. Yay for a marriage class where you are reminded of how happy and in-tune you already are! And yay again for chocolate pie, whose recipe is....?

melissa said...

1.5 cups oreo crumbs
1/3 cup melted butter

(mix and press on bottom of pie plate as crust)

Mix 1 box Jello chocolate pudding with 1.5 cups milk, whisk for 2 mins until thick.
Whip some whipping cream, add 2 cups to jello chocolate pudding and mix, spoon onto pie shell.

Chill 30 minutes.

If you know a homemade chocolate pudding recipe, let me know. I'm new to baking.

Tonya said...

Bigger is better, in my life. Four kids? Three BOYS? Yeah, bigger.

I second the buying a coat at a second hand store.

And, girls are harder? What? I agree with you - each child has their own personality. Boys typically have more energy and play louder. Girls typically are easier at a younger age, just because many of them will sit and look at books or color longer. BUT, there are, of course, exceptions to all of that. Girls typically are harder as pre-teens. But I have a pre-teen girl who is really great! So, whatever. I hope you have a girl, just to mix it up!!! Oh, and so I can send you a girly outfit!!!

Asheya said...

Coat: see if you can buy a panel insert that you can zip into your existing coat. My only suggestion on where to find it is a store that sells babywearing coats. You could also just buy a babywearing coat if you can't find the panel ( , Then you can wear the coat after the baby is born with the baby underneath (in a soft carrier).

If that doesn't work, you can sew a panel with fleece and outer shell material. You'll need to find zippers that match the zippers on your coat.

Going to look at the house pics now...