Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Long Day!

Today is technically a short day, since we're slipping towards winter solstice with remarkable speed. Thanks for all the advice and votes and comments on my last post; we're going back thru our top two picks tomorrow or the next day, and will hopefully consolidate which one is the right house for us.
Another bonus of the house I like best: I can see the entire backyard from the kitchen sink. Anyone with small kids knows how much peace this small bit of functionality can bring to a parent. =)

Also: fantastic idea of Tamie's, to buy a secondhand jacket! Hello? Fabulous idea. I also like Asheya's babywearing jacket idea, and I had thought of that one but didn't know where to find one. NOW I DO! So thanks! Tonight the temperature is supposed to hit -20 degrees, almost unheard of in this part of Canada. So a good warm jacket is particularly pertinent RIGHT NOW! Every time we go outside Riley starts screaming because he's mad at the cold. Especially when the wind blows, it's hilarious.

Today was a long day emotionally, because the purchaser of our house had a home inspection this morning. Which means a strange man who works as a house inspector comes into our house and pokes around in the crawlspace and attic, makes sure every appliance is in working order, inspects the showers and walls for water leakage and damage, and checks the electrical work. So he found some leaking in our attic, which had me freaking out that the purchaser would get scared away (our area is so wet, being rainforest climate, that water damage is a huge concern, especially in condos and townhouses), that I was literally on the verge of panic attack and had to wake Brent up from a sound, well deserved sleep to talk me down.
Brent worked last night and tonight, so he went to his parents' place to sleep, and I had to stage the house just as if the purchaser is coming for a showing. So we got up early and I threw everyone in the van after they got dressed and we went to McDonald's for breakfast. We never do this, but I figured that of all days, this was a day for a breakfast that helps us cope. Riley drank a lot of juice at breakfast.
We drove the boys to school, I drove back to our house to let the home inspector in, then left to meet a friend for coffee. Riley pooped his pants RIGHT at 9 a.m. as I'm letting the inspector in. Then he peed his pants 3 more times during my coffee date, once ON MY LAP, which is a first for him! He usually gets up and tries to hide before he pees. It was only later that I remembered the extra juice at breakfast. We got home at 12:30 and were both hungry, but the inspection was STILL not finished!! So I sat outside in my van and texted back and forth with my realtor, who is AWESOME, btw, and who was as nerve wracked as I was that today would go well, and eventually phoned and woke Brent up to talk me down.
When they were finally done and we were back inside, Riley peed his pants AGAIN, and I gave up for the day and just put him in a diaper. Jeepers, enough already.

The leak in our attic is around the seal of the roof vent, and not a roof problem. It's minor and can be repaired by our strata at no cost to the purchaser, and it really sounds as though he didn't get scared off by the water, which is great. We just need a new seal, and the moisture will dry on its own.

Cross your fingers and pray hard, peoples!! I'd love to be done with selling, because it's exhausting and because we'd like to move before the baby comes. Tomorrow is the deadline for subjects to be removed. Here's hoping...

At the end of all that, I fed Riley lunch and did some housework, and then picked the boys up from school. When Brent came home, I fell into bed and just rested. I forgot to mention this tidbit:
Riley has developed this weird intermittent habit of waking up in the middle of the night and not settling again for several HOURS. It's weird! I think we've sorted out that he's hungry. I'm not actually producing milk so his milkies can't tide him over til breakfast, and maybe he's having a growth spurt or something, because he just screams and cries and rolls around our bed hassling us for several hours until one of us feeds him. He doesn't ask for food, which is why it took us so long to sort out that he was hungry. And, you know, it's the middle of the night so our brains are not really that functional.
Last night, Riley woke up at 1:30 and fell back asleep at 3:30.
So when I laid down in my bed at 3 pm I had actually seriously earned the right to lie down in bed for a bit. Brent made me tea. So nice!
Then at 4, we had to boogie to Ayden's violin lesson, then Brent went to work and I drove the kids to their grandparents' place so I could go to book club. Book club was awesome but I'm freaking exhausted now, and it was a very long day. I actually feel very dizzy, from being so tired!!
So now that it's almost 1 a.m. I think I'll tuck myself in bed. Wish us luck tomorrow!

I also have a very good link I'll post tomorrow, which is more on the parenting discussion, so stay tuned!


nancy said...

since when has Riley stopped wearing diapers? Also, getting so exhausted is NOT good for you or baby #4! Not that you can always avoid this, just remember what happened to me when I didn't listen to my body when pregnant with Meg.
take care
love you

tamie said...

geeeeeessssshhhhh! i'm tired just hearing about it! yay for a much-deserved rest. crossing fingeres on the house-selliing!

Asheya said...

you deserve a rest just for gestating baby#4,, let alone everything else you are doing! love and hugs to you, and I hope your house sale goes through AND you get the house you want to buy (and that you guys can figure that out!)