Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh, Canada...

So my midwife called this morning to deliver the bad news that I DO in fact have Gestational Diabetes. Kathunk. I fell out of cloud 9ish. That took over two weeks! I'm not impressed with that fact, because of course like I've mentioned before, good old Canada with this national health care system we treasure (and I do), has designed for efficiency that if you have lab results that are benign, you will not hear back from your care provider. Knowing my midwife's office would receive the lab results from my glucose tolerance test ELEVEN days ago, I figured I was in the clear when I didn't hear either way. I really did relax. I held off celebrating but by now, I figured it was safe to assume I don't have it.
And then, I do.
Now, the test has recently been changed and is now more sensitive, so more women who are borderline will now be diagnosed. And I'm borderline. My fasting BG was 5.4 (GD is 5.1), my one hour BG was 10.1 (GD is 10.0), and my two hour BG was below the GD level. So. That's okay, because it's not so terrible as it could be. But it sure would be nice if it were the other side of that border =(

Brent said something about borderline diabetes being like borderline anemia. Something to keep an eye on, but nothing serious. But see, to a natural birth nutter, and especially one who wants a home birth, a gestational diabetes diagnosis is a really big deal. For most of us women it would be a big deal, and of concern, and then to those of us who immerse ourselves in the natural bodily processes and want to give birth at home in a body they can trust, borderline gestational diabetes is kind of like borderline anemia in an Olympic athlete. Not that I'm an olympic athlete, but this could really derail my hopes for this birth in a bigger way than if I planned a hospital birth and didn't have strong feelings about induction or cesarean for myself.

This is a big deal. This is something I've been trying to avoid and was very happy about NOT having heard after those lab tests. Fook me. This sucks. The next step is to clean up my diet and add more emphasis on exercise, and visit the diabetic clinic in town. If that is enough to lower my fasting blood sugar, I will still be in the low risk category. But if it isn't, an OB consult and an endocrinologist and a hospital birth are foregone conclusions.

I'm trying really hard not to cry.

In better news, we woke up to snow today, and it kept up all day. So we have a winter wonderland outside our windows, and I have some pretty pictures of the kids expending every ounce of energy they have on the walk home from school. I'll share those as soon as I can!


Rachel Clear said...

Oh, girl, I HEAR YOU YOU. I know why you are so stressed, and only you know your body, but GD is something that I've seen MANY women overcome it. It is hard work, but it can be done, and you can do it. I just know it!

I won't give you all sorts of advice here, because I know you already know it. But if you want any help with how to kick GD's arse, let me know.

You can do this, woman. You can.

Caryn Ouwehand said...


I totally get the frustration on this one. I too was given the GD stamp at 27 weeks after my glucose test. And oh man, plug your pretty ears from all the scare tactics that the med. system might throw at you. I was told my baby was 11 lbs after that final ultrasound. What do you know... Silas was 8 lbs 10oz after a pregnancy with (just borderline - like yours) gestational diabetes.

Plus you have already birthed one big baby out so there is no reason that this time would be any different! And didn't you say that you skipped the GD scan with your pregnancy with Riley? If that is the case, maybe you had GD with him too and still birthed that boy out the V-jay-jay and said:

"And that is how we do that..." at the end!

Fight for that living room babe. Your baby will be under 10lbs. I'm praying for that.

ms emili louann said...

*here's a shoulder to cry on*

You certainly CAN do this. No doubt. You will kick GD's arse, and you'll do it magnificently :) Love and prayers to you, my friend.

Matt and Colleen said...

Awwww, how disappointing. Saying a little prayer for you!

tamie said...

I just got on here and saw this. I am SO SORRY. I know next to nothing about GD, but if Rachel says that its arse can be kicked, then I believe that too. You can do this! We're all behind you all the way!!!