Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Secret to Success

Those of you, friends, who have followed my blog for years will remember my permanent struggles with domesticity: in particular, housework. I've conquered cooking and even love it now, and I'm beginning to conquer baking (the other night I made pumpkin pie and pumpkin tarts that were very popular and very delicious). And I've discovered the key to success when it comes to housework. Well, there are several keys. First of all, set the bar low. If you don't care if food is on the floor beneath the table for several days, it bothers you a lot less when you don't have the time or inclination to sweep =)
Another key is to focus on the final step of a task. This I have only recently put together in a way that is workable for me! For example, emptying the dishwasher of clean dishes is the key to keeping the kitchen clean. And folding laundry. Gah. For years laundry as a whole was this ridiculous insurmountable task that got exponentially worse with every child we added to the family. But pre sorting was a huge step towards manageable laundry piles! This was great, so we finally almost always had enough clean laundry for everyone. But much of the time the kids were rifling through Mt Laundry in my hallway or on our bed for socks, pants, and underwear in the morning.
Then the cat started peeing on Mt Laundry so we moved it to our bed, which was problematic when we went to sleep. I knew I had to stay on top of Mt Laundry (the clean pile) to conquer my laundry woes, but it wasn't until I discovered folding it in front of the tv that I really accomplished this.
Hurrah! Two major housework issues resolved: focus on emptying the dishwasher, and folding and putting away laundry. Funny how a shift in focus can make such an enormous difference with problems. Now that we're selling our house, I finally feel like it's under control as far as organization, which is also key to maintaining a happy level of comfortable messy/clean ratio.
We have a small Mt Laundry in our bedroom right now--this isn't perfect--but it bothers me less when it's not chronic.

Such a boring post topic. But such a cool thing for me, after years of piled up dishes in the kitchen and Mt Laundry in my hallway/bedroom. We'll tackle that mini mountain tonight when the kids go to bed and we start the mini hibernation winter tv brain freeze. One advantage to watching television: it helps us keep up on laundry!


Matt and Colleen said...

love, love this post. i too have a mt. laundry. i hate it. and our dishwasher is broken and if we replace it we would have to replace all the countertop in the kitchen.
it sucks so bad to not have a dishwasher. congrats to you for conquering your mt. laundry. :)

Tonya said...

All housework, to me, is a work in progress - we have to constantly figure out what will work NOW. What works now probably won't work in 5 years. :-) Glad you conquered Mt. Laundry! Years ago I decided we have ONE laundry day. The idea is that we sort, wash, fold and put away all in one day. Rarely happens, but it's the goal. Yesterday we sorted, washed and today I folded. Hoping it all gets put away today too!!!