Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Woman Booted off Craigslist for Donating Breastmilk?!

Wow, now this is interesting...Did you know that breastmilk has its own anti microbial properties such that if you leave it on the counter, introduce a pathogen to the milk, and return to it several hours later, the pathogen will be gone? For this reason, breastmilk is NOT classified as a bodily fluid requiring universal precautions, which is particularly relevant if you leave pumped milk for your baby at daycare with them.

For some reason, the woman cited here in the Vancouver Sun today is having a heck of a time advertising donating her milk!!

I'm not sure if she's heard of Eats on Feet, the grassroots mother to mother milk sharing program that has sprung up on Facebook, but she might have better luck there...

The real story here is Canada's lack of breastmilk banks~life saving frozen supplies of pasteurized human milk that is donated out of altruism by lactating women. Breastmilk is in very short supply for those who have trouble establishing a milk supply, or who need life saving cancer treatment, or are too sick to produce milk themselves (organ donor recipients, for example). Human milk SAVES human baby lives, and we need MORE MILK BANKS!

Woman to woman sharing of unpasturized milk is actually nutritionally superior, though...so attempts to network breastmilk supplies should not be hindered, in my opinion. (donor milk CAN be pasteurized at home, though! You don't need a fancy milk bank for that process...)
When Ayden was born I donated a freezer full of breastmilk to the Vancouver milk bank (and I didn't find it prohibitively expensive or inconvenient).

Long live the wet nurse!!!

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tamie said...

Long live the wet nurse!!!!! And yay for women supporting each other as much as possible!!!!