Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another mini

I wrote this as a comment response but I think I'll post it here too!

Thanks for the support, guys. I had a 5.8 this a.m. so I think the combo of NO carb dinner and steel cut oats & protein snack is better for my body than a dinner with reduced carbs and then my snack with the steel cut oats (I thought it might be the key to that o.1).

I exercise every single day. Pool and walking.

My diet is very good, I have no more than 2 pcs of fruit per day, but the weird key to lower morning BG is a carbohydrate snack before bed--the longer you fast, the HIGHER your blood sugar, which is counterintuitive but true. So I can try and eliminate the strawberries but I suspect that, as a high fibre carbohydrate option (the diabetic diet has them listed as 2 cups of strawberries=one serving of carbohydrates: I eat about 1/2 cup at night) they are a positive choice, especially when paired with cottage cheese and steel cut oats. I don't mind the oats, I'm eating the strawberries on purpose for their fibre and carbohydrates.

If you eliminate all carbs, you can get ketones in your bloodstream from burning fat, and those are not good for baby or mom. A severely reduced carb diet (fruit is considered a carb), high protein, lots of exercise, etc, is what helps, but like I said the nighttime snack being a carbohydrate rich one is critical. If the body thinks its starving it dumps sugar from your liver into your bloodstream which spikes that morning blood sugar: the longer you fast, the higher that BG.

I'm thinking of waking up around 3:30 and eating a snack. Will keep you posted!

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sara said...

I tried the waking up in the middle of the night thing, for me it made me really spike in the morning so I had to stop. I never did find the secret for the morning BG. I tried everything. But the longer you can hold off insulin the better (even better if you hold off forever). So try EVERYTHING!!