Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas bullet

-normally I make fun of people who shop the boxing day sales. In my mind. Silently. Because my husband LOVES boxing day shopping and I wouldn't want to make fun of HIM, would I?
I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around shopping as a dessert for shopping, ykwim? Like, we shopped for christmas gifts at the frantic urging of those who want to sell us things and now the day afterwards, after the one day of rest when all the sellers are closed, they are frantic to sell us things as though the one day break didn't even happen. Like, OMG can we ever get away from the SELLING?!
*Ahem* today we went to Ikea because there were these $350 couches on sale for $99. Literally. $99. Remember that big new house we bought? We're going to need couches. Two more. Because we only own one small townhouse sized couch, and now we will have a rec room (with a t.v) and a livingroom, HENCE, we need more couches.
They were sold out. So instead we bought a leather chair for $120, and a kitchen table from the as-is section for $150! Our old table is totally awful for our present needs, and needs refinishing, and is oval which makes it hard for our booster chairs to fit around it properly, and it has only one leaf so when more than one guest comes for dinner we no longer fit.

And that is how one justifies boxing week shopping (oh yes, I forgot to complain about how boxing DAY gradually became boxing WEEK thanks to the damn sellers) when one silently belittles others who do the same. Thank you very much. And I really like my new table. Which was 50% off. So was the chair.

-Now I'm watching Bridget Jones' Diary on t.v. All by my blissful self. And making a list of people whose bounced cheques I need to pay back now. Isn't British humour hysterical? I love this movie.

-Riley is in this hilarious two year old phase where he wants to wear his bumblebee halloween costume all the time, and he's particular about what he wears in general. He MUST pick out his own underwear, he prefers cowboy boots, a.k.a. "Cow boots," insists on putting on his own socks but 95% of the time gets his toes caught in the heel and gets mad as a hornet, and wants to wear pyjamas whenever his bumblebee costume is off.

-The older boys had a terrific christmas. All three of them did, I was just thinking I should write something about everybody. So fun! I love to see them all excited. Brent and I stayed up til 1 a.m. Christmas eve wrapping gifts and stuffing stockings. I like our system; we stuff stockings with small gifts like balls and plastic bugs from the dollar store, and we buy a Santa gift and a from the parents gift for each kid. Not too overwhelming, nor sparse. It's a nice balance.

-Brent had my name this christmas~it was a spouse gift christmas, because on his side we draw names and of the three couples and one singleton, three people had their spouse's name. Brent went above and beyond. He's good at the spectacular gifts. He got me a KITCHEN AID MIXER in RED with GORGEOUS steel attachments and a big sliver bowl and 550 Hp. I've wanted one of these for several years. Thank you husband! =)

-I got him....a pound of coffee and an iTunes gift card. And mixed nuts. Nice. But I didn't have his name so I was just supposed to fill his stocking.
I'm not famously fantastic with the gifts like he is.

-My wedding rings are still missing. It has been two years since they disappeared and they haven't turned up in our deep cleaning to stage the house or any searches for them. Last ditch effort will be moving in a few weeks, when all furniture gets moved and we do a final sweep. After that, I'm giving up hope and crying my eyes out. I had gorgeous rings. My husband had them made to a specific design so the engagement ring looked like a tulip, which was my favorite flower. The three diamonds each looked like a tulip, and then the profile of the entire ring was a tulip also. The wedding ring was white gold to match, and rounded for comfort. They were worth more than we have to replace them with. =(
Very bummed. Still a tiny bit hopeful. Mostly despairing.

-I'm exhausted. Being pregnant is tough. I can't move quickly, I can't speak loudly, I can't go up the stairs without serious shortness of breath, there's no room for food in my stomach or air in my lungs, and I think one of my ribs might have been displaced somehow by this large fetus. It hurts a lot, especially when I'm sleeping. My pelvis feels like it's about to fall into two pieces and my lower back hurts all the time. I can't sit comfortably anymore, lying down hurts my rib and my back and my hips, walking gets pretty tiring, and I can't stand without getting very lightheaded and dizzy.
I like the hiccups the baby has, and how s/he wrestles with whatever bothers him/her: my leg pillow, my leg if I kneel down, Riley when he's breastfeeding and slapping my belly, or sometimes my seatbelt. I like the maternity profile I have. All belly. I like thinking about the baby being here, and nursing one more newborn and relishing that first gorgeous year of babyness. I like anticipating the birth itself, except when it scares me. I've done it before, and think it's amazing, but birth is really intense and sometimes I don't feel up to it, but most of the time I'm excited to anticipate it. I have fantasy daydreams of progressing so fast that I accidentally have a home birth like I wanted, although I don't think that will happen. That would be funny if it did!! But we'd have to go to the hospital right afterwards anyways, so there would be no curling up in my own bed after birth surrounded by all my kids and in my own environment. So.

-I worry a lot. Now, this isn't a big deal for normal people with normal brains, but I have a (well controlled) anxiety disorder, and I'm afraid it might be getting less well controlled in the past few weeks. I would say that now that Christmas is over maybe I can tackle it, but the next big task on the list is moving, so I don't think I'm going to get a stress relief anytime soon. It's the GD and Christmas and lack of money. Maybe now that EI is paying me that will relieve that particular stress (today was my first pay from them) a bit: back to normal anyways, instead of worse than average. Christmas is now finished, which is fun but hectic. And the GD. Well, I have fully adjusted to the idea of a hospital birth, and am now heavily contemplating whether or not to accept the medical treatment of insulin for my GD. I go back and forth. Maybe once I settle that decision I will be able to worry less about that too.

-I think that's all I've got for you tonight. xo


Tonya said...

I have the same Kitchen Aid mixer - in red - and purchased by my husband for me!!!

Your rings do sound beautiful. I hope they turn up!

I saw a chiropractor in a couple of my pregnancies, who specialized in pregnant women. Helped immensely with all the issues you're mentioning. With the last pregnancy I couldn't walk (I remember being on all fours in the middle of a huge field and just crying, this was thanks to our move). I went to see the chiropractor and she fixed me! It was almost miraculous.

lori said...

Oh no, big bummer about the rings! That is super sad. :(

I know whatcha mean about not necessarily feeling up to birth every minute of the day. Umm, yeah.

I am laughing about your spouse-to-spouse gifts this year, because something similar happened to me. We hadn't drawn each other's names, and we always go pretty light on gifts. So I went the usual route and got him a couple cds, a calendar, and chocolates. He switched it up and got me a good camera, my first one. Actually signed up for a new credit card at Best Buy so I wouldn't see what he'd done. Not that it's about giving equal gifts, but sheesh.

We saw one of those mixers at Costco yesterday. They look like the bomb.