Friday, December 31, 2010

Lazy Blogger

I know I should write my own posts instead of quoting everyone else but I'm just so tired. I think of all these things to say but I think they might need to wait til I have some more energy. Like, oh, next summer?

But The Feminist Breeder did a 2010 review and reposted her blog post that, as she terms it, "broke my blog"~her blog server couldn't handle the traffic and her site crashed. Fortunately all was fixed and the post is still accessible; I think I linked to it before but it's so good I have to link it again. The post is called, "When It Comes to Breastfeeding We Can't Handle the Truth" and talks about a lot of social and cultural barriers to successful breastfeeding. It's true that the guilt train is abhorrent and must STOP! But it is also true that cultural and social ambiguity contribute to breastfeeding difficulties for women who want to do it. Individual failure is just not a factor here. This is systemic failure. Systemic failure which doesn't need to be a reality; we're mammals! We're smart mammals! We can fix this. And I believe we're well on our way, since the international infant death rate has fallen in the last few years (I'll find my source for that one in the next few days and insert it here), which the WHO attributes to rising breastfeeding rates worldwide.

[Also of note: breastfeeding duration is important and often overlooked in discussions surrounding breastfeeding, but it must be said that the most significant milk is colostrum. Colostrum alone is an incredible gift to infant health; any milk is better than no milk, health wise, and no woman should ever feel guilty for giving their child the best gift for a shorter duration than another woman. Obviously as an extended breastfeeder I really believe in long term breastfeeding and the evidence based benefits thereof. But the above fact is also very important to me. ♥]

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nancy said...

ok, so I LOVED this post on your link! Now I'm going to comment on something I have observed over a life time(almost) of parenting. It will probably piss someone off!
Part of the breastfeeding duration rate dilemma, I feel, is some women are too messed up, or unsupported or immature to put their babies needs before their own desires. We are all guilty of this at times as we undergo our parenting journey. Its HARD to put you childs needs dead centre infront of your own - especially when sick, exhaused, hungry etc. When applied to breastfeeding, with
holding something so basic and vital - that is sad. Our cultures infatuation with indepentence, individualism, perpetually pubecent bodies(as in skinny, perky, non leaking!) idiology feeds into our desire to put ME first, get my life back to pre kid status.
Ironically, as we sink deeper into mature motherhood, our desires line up more and more with our childs needs. As long term breastfeeders discover, they get every bit as such as they give in this beautiful reciprocal relationship.