Friday, December 3, 2010

Mini Update

Sorry I've been light on the posting. Some days I post four times, then I go a week with nothing. Same with photos. This is kinda my style, I guess! And my life!!

I just wanted to update you that I went to the diabetic clinic at the hospital on Tuesday. They gave me a free glucometer to test my blood sugars numerous times a day, and nutritional counseling.
I hated being in the hospital. I hated being medicalized. I hated being in a group of women with gestational diabetes. I hated being talked down to by the nurse. I hated it when she said, numerous times, "If you can't control your diabetes with diet an exercise, we'll just give you a little bit of insulin, it's no big deal." Insulin is 'no big deal.' She's trying to be reassuring for those who hate needles, but she's unaware that a low risk vs a high risk classification changes a ton of things for me. I hated it, too, when she said that although the risk of cesarean is higher for women with gestational diabetes, "Cesareans are safe." One the one hand, this is true. The complication rates are low. I reassure doula clients who have cesareans that it is the most frequently performed surgery in Canada and that obstetricians are VERY good at what they do. On the other hand, it is also true that cesareans are LESS safe statistically than vaginal births. And that future pregnancies are at higher risk for complications, including placenta previa, accretia, abrubtio placenta, uterine rupture, hemorrhage, etc. Not to mention higher risk for another cesarean, since VBAC is so unpopular these days.
It's surgery, people. It's not just another way to have a baby.
I don't object to women being reassured that cesareans are safe. I object to them being misinformed regarding the risks.

You know how I feel about all this already, so I'll move on.

I appreciated the nutritional counseling, the free glucometer, and the dietician who spoke. She and I seem to have similar philosophies when it comes to food, whereby REAL FOOD is always better than fake, and you really can't go wrong with vegetables. She taught us how to read food labels for diabetes and educated us to make informed choices with regards to diet. I liked her a lot.

Already I've confirmed (with my little glucometer) what I suspected: my daytime blood sugar is very well regulated, but I don't tolerate sugar and my fasting blood sugar rating is consistently too high. My cousin gave me some good tips, and last night I ate steel cut oats, defrosted strawberries, and cottage cheese for a bedtime snack. This morning my BG (blood glucose) was 5.1, and my goal is 5.0 or lower. This is good! Not excellent, 5.1 is still 'uncontrolled,' but closer than yesterday's morning BG, which was 5.8!

Pray hard, people, PRAY HARD! I need that tenth of a point. NEED IT.
I'm working so hard at the diet. I'm at the pool and walking every day. What more can i do? PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!


nancy said...

you're doing fantastic with operation LBS (lower blood sugars)! a .7 improvement in 1 day!
I'm guessing as you consistantly keep up the daily walks/swims and tweek diet, the BS will continue to go down. Maybe its a cumulitive thing. There goes my daughter...setting goals and going for it!
love you. Am praying.

Tonya said...

Sounds like you're figuring this thing out and you will do fine with it! I have another friend who has GB and she exercises for an HOUR every day. She has 7 kids and homeschools, so somehow it is doable. I will pray for you!

Asheya said...

Awesome that the cottage cheese etc. worked so well! And I'm glad to hear that your daytime blood sugar is well controlled -- this is a good sign, no?

Rachel Clear said...

You can do this, I know you can.

My friend (Melissa - her daughter is Maggie, Bennett's girlfriend) was diagnosed with GBS, which could have derailed her natural birth. She seriously adjusted her diet and exercise (eliminated ALL fruit as well as other carbs, unfortunately) and she and the baby were fine - born 100% naturally. Maggie was born at 7lbs 6oz - not large at all.

It can be done!

Eliminating fruit is a huge thing I've always heard that really helps. That sucks, because fruit is so yummy and good for you, but it's so high in sugar. Just an idea. Cutting those strawberries out might give you that .1. :)

melissa said...

Thanks for the support, guys. I had a 5.8 this a.m. so I think the combo of NO carb dinner and steel cut oats & protein snack is better for my body than a dinner with reduced carbs and then my snack with the steel cut oats (I thought it might be the key to that o.1).

I exercise every single day. Pool and walking.

My diet is very good, I have no more than 2 pcs of fruit per day, but the weird key to lower morning BG is a carbohydrate snack before bed--the longer you fast, the HIGHER your blood sugar, which is counterintuitive but true. So I can try and eliminate the strawberries but I suspect that, as a high fibre carbohydrate option (the diabetic diet has them listed as 2 cups of strawberries=one serving of carbohydrates: I eat about 1/2 cup at night) they are a positive choice, especially when paired with cottage cheese and steel cut oats. I don't mind the oats, I'm eating the strawberries on purpose for their fibre and carbohydrates.

If you eliminate all carbs, you can get ketones in your bloodstream from burning fat, and those are not good for baby or mom. A severely reduced carb diet (fruit is considered a carb), high protein, lots of exercise, etc, is what helps, but like I said the nighttime snack being a carbohydrate rich one is critical. If the body thinks its starving it dumps sugar from your liver into your bloodstream which spikes that morning blood sugar: the longer you fast, the higher that BG.

I'm thinking of waking up around 3:30 and eating a snack.

SANDRA said...

It sounds like you are doing a great job at lowering your blood sugar! I'll keep you in my prayers.