Sunday, December 12, 2010


Yesterday we were at an Ugly Christmas Sweater party near Surrey Hospital, so we dropped by afterwards at around 10 p.m. so I could register there for my birth. Although I'm planning a home birth, it is wise to register at your backup hospital to ensure they have your information on file in case you need to transfer to the hospital or go into labor early or something unexpected like that. Surrey has a reputation for being more midwife friendly than other hospitals in my area, which is why I chose that hospital to deliver Riley at, and why I'm registering there now. It's a hassle to register because you have to do it in person and the hospital isn't in my regular route for anything. I was having trouble even remembering to do it!!!
Brent acts as my long term memory these days, so he was instrumental in making it happen. It's kind of odd to go into the maternity ward at 10 o'clock at night to register but at least there's no lineup then :)
The clerk was very nice, and asked me about home delivery in a cheerful and supportive way, so that was awesome. It was also very good for me to go in myself because it reminded me that I feel *quite* comfortable there, and I have good memories of Riley's birth, and it feels familiar to me. The reason why this is good is because those morning blood sugars have been such a bitch for me to control so far, so a hospital birth looks more likely than I originally hoped. I haven't given up all hope yet on the BG front, and I found a website with helpful tips this morning that I will try tonight. I had wondered about moving back the time of my evening snack, and that's one of the first things she recommends: ensuring that your bedtime BG is less than 7. I often wind up eating my snack BECAUSE I'm falling asleep on the couch and going to bed within a half hour or an hour afterwards. It's true that if you fast for a long time, your body leaks sugar stored from your liver into your bloodstream and the fasting BG can be higher. But it's also true that high bedtime BG can make that morning BG higher, too. The trick is finding the right balance for me. And the right snack. I'm going to play around with that for a bit and see what I can do, as well as go back to the steel cut oats. Squirrely bread just isn't doing it for me. Steel cut oats weren't either, but they were doing a better job of it than squirrely bread! Although hummus might work for me too, we'll have to see.

At any rate, visiting SMH Family Birthing Unit yesterday was a positive thing for me: first and foremost, because I got to talk about my home birth plans in a positive way with the clerk, which gave me renewed hope, and secondly because it reminded me that this maternity ward is a nice place. With positive births. If I do wind up delivering there, hopefully I can manage to get released within a few hours afterwards and then go recover at home--the hospital visit will be a short period of time.
That's what I said last time. We were there for three days.
I've been praying pretty hard about those morning blood sugars going down; I know prayer isn't a magical potion that cures all our difficulties in life but I'm a deep believer that it helps us connect with God and to sort out healthier outlooks on things, as well as sometimes resulting in a positive outcome. Here's hoping sincerely for all three.

Part of what I want in a home birth is for my other kids to be more organically involved. They are most comfortable in their own home, and food is easy to get for them, there is no one they need to worry about disturbing, they can sleep in their own beds if they want to, pee in their own toilets if they need to, wander in and out, and watch t.v. or play if they get bored. YET they can still be a part of this big new event for our family, and be immediately present to welcome our newest family member. In hospital, they can either be there or not, but it's not really as welcoming an environment for them, or as organic a transition to a family of six.
Another big part of it is wanting a peaceful, calm, undisturbed birth for this baby. For his or her sake, I'd like the birth to be as gentle and normal and hassle free as humanly possible, and for us not to be separated after it is born for at least several hours. I mean literally, not off my body. Not once. No baby warmer, no bassinet, NOTHING except maybe its daddy and brothers and then back to my body. The most likely geographical place for this type of environment is my own home, and possibly even my own bathtub.
It would also be heavenly not to have to GET IN THE CAR during labor.
It would also be heavenly to bake brownies while I'm in labor and reward myself after the birth with a big bowlful of brownie with vanilla ice cream, after all this strenuous diet doing for the sake of the karate kid in my belly. =)
There's just no place like home, even for birth.


lori said...

I'm saying a prayer for you and hoping for your desired outcome. That would be so great! Gosh, would it ever.

It's awesome you've got a hospital like that with personnel who are friendly about home births, or at least not out-and-out hostile. That makes such a huge difference when making Plan B. We've got one of each type of hospital in our neck of the woods, and it was so reassuring to talk to the folks at the nice one. :)

I am so confident for you, Melissa, that whatever happens, you will be a strong laborer and find the beauty and benefits in whatever scenario unfolds (not the least of which will be a beautiful new Vose baby).

But, prayers.

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Prayers from me too. Honestly your description of the baby not leaving your body for HOURS almost puts me in tears remember how long Silas and I were apart on his first day.

I love the baking brownies idea!