Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....

Yesterday I was still quite anxious about my blood sugars. Less so than Sunday, but still up there. I was fiddling with my nighttime snack and not getting anywhere: the morning number just went up and up and up!! Yesterday I sent out several emails to people I thought might have some insight or tips to help me tweak that fasting BG, and I phoned my midwife (/naturopathic physician) and left a message for her to call me with advice regarding additional supplements or tips regarding lowering that problematic number.
Her office called me back saying she wanted to see me, so they squeezed me in this morning at 10 a.m. between her other appointments (she's VERY heavily booked, weeks in advance) and she was amazing. Amazing. I feel so blessed to have found the absolute perfect fit for midwives twice in a row. Cathy is exactly what I need THIS pregnancy: she's supportive, a good listener, confident, empowering, and has extra tools to help my medical conditions (including my anxiety levels AND my blood sugar levels) because she's a naturopath. She fits me in, and never makes me feel rushed or bad about taking up her time. This is the second time she has squeezed me in between other appointments. She's reassuring. And she isn't dismissive of my fears, she acknowledges them, and then reassures me with evidence based on her many years of experience and her large health related knowledge base. The more I think about it, the more I'm positive she's a fantastic fit for me this time.
She looked closely at my diet journal and my BG readings journal and was very reassuring. All of my daytime readings are perfect, so she was happy with that, and she added more chromium to my supplements, tweaked the time of day of my exercise routine, and told me to try protein only for the bedtime snack, and to make that snack smaller. But she also reassured me that based on my BG journal, she doesn't think I need insulin at all, even though my numbers are high in the morning. They are above optimum, but not high enough to need insulin, and there are still a number of things we can try.
WHEW!!! We didn't talk about homebirth vs hospital birth, so it wasn't that I felt GREAT! HOMEBIRTH STILL ON!! It was more about being reassured and then empowered with more tools to tackle this problem. Emotional support makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I get tons from you guys, and I'm so grateful. I also get tons from her, and I'm so grateful. Wow, this is the way to do maternity care, people. Now it's hard for me to imagine going back to the style of care I had with my doctor during my first pregnancy! It's just so totally different, but with only a few actual differences in the behavior of the caregiver. It's hard to quantify emotional support to a scientific community, which is maybe why it's so rare. My midwives do ALL that my doctor did, and so much more, just by paying attention to emotional support, and by believing in the natural physiological process of pregnancy and birth. What a wild difference in just a small shift in thinking and behavior, hey?
I just want to send a shout out to God for sending Cathy my way. And you guys, who listen and send me good vibes and prayers and comments...


tamie said...

FANTASTIC!!! I am so glad, Mel. Yes, emotional support makes *all* the difference. Yes, and amen. You're doing so good with all this eating & exercising & change....in the midst of all kinds of other fullness and change and busyness in your life! Good work, Mel!

Caryn Ouwehand said...

I love this post! I totally agree with you that the medical system has entirely skipped over the emotional care that pregnant women need.

I am so glad you have a great support team. You rule!


PS - You better post a belly pic one of these days before that baby is on the outside, and us blog-followers miss the whole thing! I bet you a cuter than anything right about now!

ms emili louann said...

Indeed, you are doing awesome! I am so happy for you, that your midwife is such a fantastic fit, and that she listens to and empowers you. That's vital, woman!

Awesome. Love.