Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hanging in there...

Thanks for the support, friends. This really is hard! It's hard not knowing, and waiting, even though I CHOSE to wait!! Part of why I waited is because if the placenta is partially covering the cervix, it can move up as the uterus expands, making vaginal birth possible again. So if it WAS too close/over, we would need to repeat the ultrasound in a few weeks anyways to check where it is THEN: in order to reduce exposure to ultrasound waves (safe, but little research since the 70s to measure a threshold of exposure, and some risks of repeated exposure include small for gestational age babies, and increased incidence of left handedness~nothing wrong with being small, or left handed, but if a prenatal test MAKES you that way, is it really harmless?~ amongst other risks), I opted to wait the few weeks and have one more scan. So, we wait. February 1st I will have another scan to determine the placenta's position, and we will know more then.

I had to laugh at Caryn's comment, "When your baby is born she will have some explaining to do"--the same thought has occurred to me more than once! Caryn's hilarious. She always makes me laugh. It's so cool that through blogging I've met so many smart, funny, likeminded, diverse women, and kept in touch with some pretty amazing friends and family in my life. Blogging's not a relationship exactly, but it helps connect people in a certain way that is pretty cool, and opens up the opportunity to meet other people whom you wouldn't otherwise meet! It's an odd way to get to know people, because of course it's very filtered and edited, and entire chunks of life are left out entirely (like, for example I'll talk about sex with friends face to face quite openly, but I NEVER blog about it), and you never get to see any of those all important non verbal communication cues. Anytime I've gotten to know someone local who also reads my blog it creates an awkward too soon intimacy. But all that suffice it to say I'm grateful for you who read, it's a cool medium for communicating and I really appreciate you all.

Blood sugar update: I've found a daytime pre-meal dose that works; still working on the nighttime dose but it's coming down.

Weather update: it's snowing big, beautiful flakes outside thick and fast. I love snow.

Baby update: s/he seems to have a lot of elbows and knees. Like, a LOT. Eight or nine. The other day I was lying on my bed and there was lots of visible activity going on so I called everyone over to see. Ayden and Matthew thought it was the coolest thing ever~Matthew especially liked to feel it and see it at the same time. But it freaked Riley out like nobody's business. He knew it was the baby, and I think he thought it was coming out RIGHT THEN, and the rest of the night he kept grabbing at his tummy and shrieking in fear, and yelling about babies coming out of tummies (he is adamant he has a baby in his tummy too). Fortunately he forgot by the next day. Hilarious!

House update: I love it. Oh my gosh do I LOVE IT! We have enough space! We have no strata rules! We have a backyard and a playroom and a huge livingroom/kitchen/eating space with tons of windows and lighting and a double garage and WOW, it feels fantastic. We're unpacking at a good pace, so at some point I'll find that camera cord and share some pictures with you. I know my sad sorry blog is photoless far too often.


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tamie said...

This is all wonderful stuff, Mel. Hooray! And...I want to visit you in your new house!!!