Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm taking a post title holiday

(I usually really like to come up with post titles but just now I'm lacking in the imagination and decisiveness department, so I'm taking a post title holiday)

You guys know our kids are energetic like crazy. I like to tell stories about their antics and noise and how the light fixtures in our downstairs vibrate and rattle from all the jumping when the kids are upstairs. =) Because it's true. My house VIBRATES from their energy sometimes, it's wild! But I have to say they are good kids. Energetic and earthquake imitators, and exhausting, and neverendingly talkingtalkingtalking, but they mean well and have the best of intentions. (mostly)

The past few days we have gotten some really nice feedback from semi or total strangers on the kids' behavior; a few nights ago we were running really late so we went to Boston Pizza for supper. The waitress said to us at the end, before we paid our cheque, that the family two tables over from us (who had left at this point) had told her that they had never seen three kids behave so well in a restaurant, and that they were impressed. Then the waitress said that she thought our kids were adorable and very well behaved~I thanked her for passing that on. It can be so rare to hear positive feedback on this labor intensive emotional job of parenting that it's really nice when someone takes the time to tell you you're doing a good job.
Then yesterday we picked the boys up from school and had to go to our Notary to sign papers for the sale and purchase of our house, our will, and some power of attorney papers. It took at least half an hour and the kids were SO well behaved, it was awesome. The Notary commented several times about how well behaved they were, and then at the end she said, "You guys are doing a great job with them." Ah, so nice to hear twice in a few days. None of the five of us are perfect by any means, but we try hard.
In fact, on the walk home today there was a fair amount of shoving and crying, and there may have been some yelling on my part. :D
The best we can do is good enough.
And I thought, since I complain and struggle on here sometimes that I would balance it with a report of some good kids and kind adults.


Breanne and Jacob said...

I know what you mean. It's so nice when strangers notice and compliment you on your kids. People often tell me how polite Jacob is. After years of drilling good manners into his head, it's nice to be appreciated for it! Lol.

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Silas was having a tantrum at the library the other day, and the librarian was watching, and I was waiting for her to comment and preparing for something rude to come out of her mouth when she said, "You are a really calm & patient Mom." Wow. It made my day. A total stranger.

Asheya said...

Yay for compliments! It's always so nice when strangers say 'good job.'

I'm glad you're getting some positive feedback from the community at large. And that your kids are capable of impressing people!