Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Foodie Friday

I've not done Foodie Friday a whole lot (I think I did it once), but since much of my life recently has been revolving around the eating or not eating of FOOD, this one was on my mind. Yesterday I had this recipe twice! There's nothing like pregnancy to bring on some weird food eating. =) Like eating something twice in one day. These are called Haystacks and are a meal salad:

Enough lettuce to fill the bottom of the bowl(s) you are using
A variety of vegetables~I had and used the following, diced or chopped;
-coloured pepper (yellow or red)
-green onion
-garlic stuffed green olives
-grated cheese

Original recipe calls for crumbled tortilla chips at this point, which I eliminated for diabetic reasons but really adds some crunch and a low glycemic index carbohydrate for those without diabetic concerns

Drizzle with ranch dressing (I prefer blue cheese)
Top with warmed brown beans in tomato sauce (for vegetarian option: it would work with beans in pork too)
I also cooked chicken breast and added that to the top too, because of the high protein needs of diabetics, but we usually have this salad as a vegetarian meal (my mom originally got this recipe from a 7th Day Adventist recipe and they are vegetarians).

This salad is to die for. Here's an internet photo that SORT OF looks like what I made and ate yesterday (twice)~enjoy!

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nancy said...

the original recipe calls for salsa sauce around the perimeter of the salad and ranch drsg on top - the pickles are sliced dill