Monday, February 7, 2011

Hail Yeah

We had such a good weekend! The boys had originally been scheduled to go to the island for the weekend with their grandparents, but were cancelled at the last minute. The grandparents still went, but it was deemed not practical to take the kids, which was realistic! Since the kids had been told about the weekend away and were a bit bummed, we wanted to make the weekend special.
Friday we had family game night, and a fun dinner of fajitas! Always popular around here. We played the Harry Potter Lego board game (yes, it exists), which belongs to Ayden and which he's never actually won as of yet. Brent won both games. It's a game of equal parts chance and strategy, so it's not really Brent's fault that he won it--I've won it once and I have to say, it's not a *girls* game per se. It involves lots of spatial abstract manipulation that my brain generally draws a blank on. So you can see, not exactly solely strategic, if I won despite my handicap. Ayden got frustrated that he NEVER WINS HIS OWN GAME, but we still had fun.
Saturday both older boys had soccer at the same time, so we divided and conquered: Brent and Riley took Ayden to his game, me and baby took Matthew to his game. =)
Both kids played awesome. And had fun.
[aside: M's coach sucks eggs. He plays keepaway for REAL during practices and spends the entire games yelling ineffectually at his own kid. His own kid outweighs Matthew by at least 40% and likes to taunt him, garnering no response from his dad. I'm aware that as a mom to a boy I have to NOT march over there and fiddle with things, but DANG IT, IT'S HARD!]
After working up an appetite we reconvened and Brent made a brunch lunch with waffles, whipped cream, blueberries, fancy scrambled eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. Yummy! I had ONE waffle, and my BG was fine. Awesome! The kids devoured it.
Then we went the grandparents' place and packed up some of our stored stuff, especially our baby cradle and an infant car seat part and the baby bath, etc, to bring back home. The boys love their place.
Today we had church (fantastic sermon on marriage), and then a relaxing afternoon for me and the boys while B went to a Superbowl party and tried desperately to convince himself that he was sticking to his diet if he put celery on his plate next to the deep fried hot wings. He's in some contest at work whereby the guys see who loses the most weight in six weeks. [eye roll]. Guys and their competitions. No exercise or diet for two years and then WHAM, six weeks of nothing but exercise and diet! Lookit me be healthy! Ha ha. [rib jab].

I even gave each kid an individual bubble bath (more than one boy in the tub at a time is a cute photo op, but a recipe for a wet bathroom) this afternoon, while making Thai curry stir fry. SO YUMMY! And then I made cookies for their lunches tomorrow. Which I burnt. Martha Stewart, I am not.

My insulin needs have dropped this week, which indicates the placenta getting ready to give birth by dropping its production of progesterone (the hormone which creates the most insulin resistance in pregnant women). This usually happens 1-2 weeks before labour begins. I have 3 weeks til my due date so that puts me at full term, 38 or 39 weeks. What a journey, after being stressed about early labour at 24 weeks!

My ear is plugged. I think it might be infected.
I see my midwife tomorrow.
I need to write a birth plan pronto~here is an awesome one by Rixa at Stand and Deliver that makes me LAUGH! Transcribe the first version onto a hospital setting and you've got the gist of my birth plan! Rixa kind of makes fun of the whole birth plan idea, though she recognizes why women have them, but then she's an interesting birther. Her first baby was a totally planned unassisted pregnancy and unassisted birth (as in; she had no care provider, monitored her own blood pressure and fetal heart tones, laboured alone in her bathroom, and pushed her baby out and caught it herself. Afterwards, she called her hubby into the room). Her second baby she had a midwife attended home water birth, but her midwife had agreed to stay very much in the background and didn't listen to fetal heart tones or catch the baby. Her third birth should be sometime in the next week or two, and will be similar to her second birth. So you can see how a birth plan seems a little extraneous to her. Hospital births probably seem fairly alien.

As for me and my house, hospital births are all we've known, and all I will know experientially for myself. Fortunately, my hospital is midwife friendly and practices informed consent. I think at this point I'm worried most about interference after the birth~if the hospital want to take my baby to the NICU but I want continuous skin to skin, I'm going to be pretty upset. I mean, obviously I'll go WITH the baby and just do S2S in the NICU but what if I need sutures or something? I want NO SEPARATION. I mean, nobody holds that baby but me til I'm ready and then I pass it to HIS OR HER DADDY!
I'm thinking of bringing in my own milk just in case they're worried about baby's blood sugar and want to feed it formula~there's no milk bank at my hospital. I'm not sure how much colostrum I can pump at this point, but I'll give it a shot. A tiny bit of high calorie colostrum goes a very long way with newborns. Can you believe colostrum is not recognized by my spellcheck? GET WITH THE HUMAN CONDITION, SPELLCHECK. I'm also thinking of asking a friend to give me a bottle of her milk to take with me. Do you think the staff will be suspicious if it's white milk instead of yellow colostrum? Lol.

I better go to bed.
xo, all

One last thing; do you mind leaving me some birth affirmation comments or emails? My confidence is still waffling, and with the kind of obstetrical complications I've had and hits to my confidence, I'm just needing some "Yes, you can!" and prayers and just general love. Thanks! xoxoxo


Lou and Marilyn Sawchenko said...

Hi Melissa!!

I will be praying for you in the next few weeks! You are an amazing woman and you will give birth with alot of dignity and strength. The Lord your God is with you wherever you go! Be strong and courageous.


Caryn Ouwehand said...

Dude, just tell them you have still had milk through your entire pregnancy as you are still nursing Riley, that should trump the white milk concern.

Hooray for your awesome weekend. Love those.

I love when you said that You and the Baby took Matthew to soccer! So true! Good job being a good sibling already Baby Vose!

Louise Chapman said...

Yes, you can!! I know you can. I have no you remember how you birthed Riley?! It was so awesome visiting you at home afterwards and just hearing that you did it!! I cannot believe that it is so soon, you will be amazing and I am so looking forward to it.

Louise Chapman said...

Yes, you can!! I know you can. I have no you remember how you birthed Riley?! It was so awesome visiting you at home afterwards and just hearing that you did it!! I cannot believe that it is so soon, you will be amazing and I am so looking forward to it.

amy frances said...

Dude. Of course you can. Check out your other two kids—and the second one you made with a great big scar on your uterus. You're Super Woman. Word.

amy frances said...

And by "kids," I mean "biological kids. My train of thought was

"Check out your other three ...

Wait. She didn't actually give birth to Matthew. That's right. Two. I have to say two.

two kids."

I totally wasn't forgetting about Matthew, swear. This is my end-of-the-workday brain fog. Sorry.

SANDRA said...

I am praying for you. And Yes you can! You are so awesome! <3 <3 <3

tamie said...

Hell YEAH you can. Honestly, dude, with what you do in just a normal week, I'm amazed that you're even worried! You're superwoman on a continual, daily basis!!

Seriously, my confidence in you just absolutely does not waver in the slightest. Your body is strong, flexible, receptive, tough, giving. It's everything it needs to be, and it will go the way it needs to go with this birth. You can totally do this!

Dana said...

It's true that you are Superwoman every day! And I second Marilyn's affirmation that you will give birth with dignity and strength. You have done and will continue to do your part, and God can be trusted to do His part. Praying He gives you a special Word for this birth, and that you, Baby, and Brent feel His presence all the way through. Love ya!!! Goooooooo Mona!

lori said...

You are ON this birthing thing. Think of how much you've already done, as far as growing the kidlet day by day, month by month, enduring anxiety about placenta previa, the blood sugar woes, having to change your birth plan, etc. etc. etc.

Crud, the birth itself is gonna be a breeze!

Rachel Clear said...

Woman, you can totally do this. You can and you will and you won't just do it, you'll rock it.

You are strong.

You are open.

You are full of power and might and awesomeness.

You have already prepared your mind, your spirit, and your body.

You are ready.

Birth this baby.

Asheya said...

You have already been through the stressful part, and now you get to enjoy the best part--the baby being born! You will finally get to hold *her* in your arms, and you are going to give everything you have, all your wisdom, all your strength, all your love, and your whole body, to the process of bringing her into this world. You are surrounded by people who love you, and I hope you hear us all whispering to you as you are birthing 'We love you. You are opening. You are amazing. You are beautiful. We love you.'

You are such a great mom, and you will parent this baby the best way possible all through the birthing process, and have grace for yourself too.

Blessings on you and the babe.