Friday, February 11, 2011

Not in labour!

Sorry for the quiet blog! A few asked about what's going on, but I'm not in labour! My mom was here for a few days helping me out and keeping me company, so I didn't post. Before that, I wanted to give people lots of time to see and comment some birth pep talks for me~I need them so much! And I appreciate them SO much, thank you all. You're the best, I'm going to read them every day and print them off to bring to the hospital for brent to read to me. It's amazing what a difference words like this make to my heart!
And the opposite: at the diabetic clinic today there was a substitute nurse for my regular nurse who is on holidays~the sub was subpar. She said THREE TIMES, "Well, I hope this birth goes well for you," which sounds really nice but the tone, people, the TONE: it was doubtful. "I hope so. Well, I sure hope so." I was confident. "Oh I am confident I'll do fine, I did just fine with him at 10 lbs 2 oz," and I pointed at Riley.
"Well, I hope so," doubtfully.

OMG, why would you DO that????!!!

Besides, you think I can't birth this baby naturally?


And I have tons of friends who will back me up on that.

When labour starts, I'll post a quick note so you guys can pray for me. I'll do the same on FB and email. So rest assured that unless this labour is PRECIPITOUS and I wind up in the bathroom of my house holding a fresh baby and Riley as my only witness, I will let you know when labour begins.



nancy said...

you are SO funny Liss! O I loved our time together this week and can't wait to come back. If you go into labour before I get back, please notify me pronto and I'll make my mad dash down. Did I give enough connfirmation that you will breeze through this labour? 2nd labours are shocking intense and fast compared to 1st labours. You are so educated, informed and prepared. Your body was created for this. And your baby will be absolutely fine despite higher than average BS in utero. Most mothers I see with GD are much less controlled than you and their babies are fine! Skin to skin and unlimited access to the breast (and you have more milk than average) will protect her/his transitional BS. Hand expressed EBM squirted in his mouth works great if babe is sleepy. I know you know all this, just trying to encourage you!
Relax (as much as A,M+R let you) and enjoy your last few days as a family of 5, as much you can. When boys are in school, NAP!!
Love you

Louise Chapman said...

Glad your mom could come and help you out. I know you can do it!! I'll be praying for you throughout the birth.

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Dude, that nurse was on smack. This 2nd Vajayjay delivery is so yours! Plus, I think I heard once that once you have a baby, the 2nd one like practically falls out right! ;-) Yeah, you will be washing dishes at your sink sometime next week and hear a squeeking noise to look down and see your babe chillin on the kitchen rug. Totally. True. Story.

Love ya, hang in there, finish (start) line approaching!

Roboseyo said...

I bet you bear the heck out of that baby, when the time comes! And that dumb nurse can bite you.

However, I will take it on trust that you'll have this baby on the terms you choose: despite your imperative suggestion, I'd rather not watch you, and just hear about it afterwards instead. I saw a live birth in an educational video when I was in 10th grade, and that'll be enough for me until it's my own kid.

Love ya bunches, Melly-cat.

lori said...

Ha! Such bathroom births have been known to happen. Wouldn't that be riotous? Okay, riotous, with possibly a couple moments of surprise and fear and mad searches for the cell phone. Better prep Riley on where the clean towels are.

Yeah, that nurse is a couple french fries shy of a happy meal. Very strange behavior indeed. Her comment goes filed directly away into the "preposterous" category.