Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4 Weeks Old

Amarys is four weeks old today! What a blessing she is for all of us, and totally loved by everyone. As our littlest member of the Vose Team she is rarely put down and even more rarely alone somewhere. She always has someone to watch (or glare suspiciously at), and is remarkably adept at continuing to sleep, nurse, or observe while being jostled, kicked in the head, bumped into, or while there is a whirlwind of noise and activity going on around her.
Amarys is a fairly particular soul. If the stars align, she's content. Bright eyed, curious, and observant. If not, she's noisy! I'm glad she's our fourth baby, because by now we don't get too stressed by crying or sleeplessness. There's a fair amount of both in our household these days! I feel like her personality is fairly high strung, but one that prefers to be content. That might not make sense, but I think some personalities are directed towards seeking out stress, discomfort, or pessimism (like mine), and others are directed more towards seeking out calm, balance, and optimism. So even though she's discontented more often than my other babies, I think she's got an undercurrent of calm in her personality. Her facial expression, though, is really best described as suspicious. She glares. She freaks out. Her smiles are few and fleeting.

She likes to be carried. She likes to be warm. She likes the bath. She likes to be vertical. She loves being patted or stroked gently on her back, especially when she's falling asleep. She loves our baby chair that vibrates.

She doesn't like to lie flat. She doesn't like to poop. She doesn't like my forceful letdown. She doesn't like to fart. She doesn't like diaper changes. She hates being cold. She hates an uncomfortable bum. She doesn't like to pee. She doesn't like to burp. She gets all freaked out and gassy if I eat milk, cheese, yogurt, goat yogurt/cheese, onions, garlic, cabbage, or apple juice. Like I said, she's particular! =)

Isn't it quite smart to be particular if you are #4? Really, it's an early sign of genius. How else can one make sure one doesn't get left behind at a rest stop on family vacations?

As far as having a tiny girl instead of a tiny boy, I can't say it's much different so far. The fun parts are shopping for girl clothes and dreaming about her as a teenager and an adult, someone who will *get* the girl aspects of me and hopefully someday have her own wedding and babies and education and career and interests and hopes and joys. I love thinking about watching her grow up and feeling like it is familiar, because I've been there myself. I love dreaming about my boys all grown up (or nearly, as teenagers), but the process of growing from boy to man is something I have no experience with so it doesn't feel familiar. There are some things I just won't know experientially. She may be wildly different from me, or somewhat the same, but in the end we're both girls so there's something I'll know in my bones as far as what it is like to be her.
But when they are newbies, they all eat, cry, poop, and sleep the same. I get all crazy happy when I get to dress her up; grandpa's birthday on Sunday was fun because she wore her party dress which has two layers of dress and one layer of crinoline (tulle), and that cute white flower headband we have...
I also love those little pink onesies, tiny white sweaters, and a pair of teeny tiny blue fabric shoes with ladybugs on them that my mom bought her when she was the size of a soy bean. But to be honest, I like her best in her yellow pyjamas with little ducks on them. I like her suspicious glares. The dry patches of skin around her eyebrows and the ring of baby acne at the back of her neck. Her left cheek dimple. Her spiky hair. Sweet milk breath. Curled pinky toes. And her bellybutton, which is shaped like an 'e.'


nancy said...

4 weeks??? how did that happen!
Kisses to my one and only favorite grandaughter.
love nana

Caryn Ouwehand said...

The picture is pure talent. It's almost like you have breastfed a baby before ;-)

Amarys is so cute. Especially the hair. Actually, especially EVERYTHING.

Writers of Kosciusko County Jail said...

Fantastic photos! I love how warm and cozy she looks in the first one, and I love how outdoorsy and rad you look in the second one.

You're such a cool mom, man. Cool that you question gender stereotypes AND enjoy dressing your daughter in dresses. Yeah, I pretty much want to grow up and be like you.

Oh, and btw, I feel like I'm so much like how you describe Amarys: particular and easily discomforted, but always seeking peace and comfort and happiness. I don't think I've ever heard anyone described like that, but I feel like the description really fits me. Maybe she and I will be buddies someday!

Tonya said...

She is adorable. Kiss her extra for me.

melissa said...

@mom; I know, where does time fly? next thing we know she'll be going to kindergarten...

I know, I'm the breastfeeding champion. I usually think that to myself as I walk around feeding her in the Ergo...I learned from necessity with Riley. Before him, I had to sit and use a breastfeeding pillow every time I breastfed, but I had to walk and nurse with subsequent newbies...

@Tamie, I actually think of your personality fairly frequently in conjunction with Amarys'. Funny that, hey? I sometimes wonder what number you'd give her on the Anneagram =)
But I didn't want to be all: my baby has winters of discontent just like TAMIE! But she does remind me of you. Peaceful soul, easily discomfited.

@Tonya; done. p.s. your turn to have another one?

Tonya said...

Melissa. Funny. I'm not sure I should laugh or cry. Perhaps both! I AM losing my mind!

melissa said...

lol, you're overdue...PLUS, evens are better than odds


Tamie Marie said...

Woohoo! This is super encouraging to me, I'm not even sure why. About you thinking of me in connection with Amarys. It makes me want to live near you so that I can get to know her as she grows up! Yeah...your description of her is totally how I feel about myself. Hey, maybe I'll even be able to give some advice and suggestions along the way, eh? :)

Tonya said...

Melissa. How old are you? And YOU are done? How far did you move while pregnant with your 4th? How close do you live to your relatives? If I should have another one, than you should have TWO more!!! :-) I am now 38. I moved from Maryland to Colorado in the 7th month of pregnancy while expecting my 5th. My mother lives 14 hours away. My mother-in-law lives too far away to even try to figure it out right now. My sister just moved to Montana ... I so very much wish I could have another one! If I were younger, had relatives around, ... Gotta run, kids are killing each other downstairs.