Wednesday, March 23, 2011


While changing Ammi yesterday, she peed all over me. Riley was witness to this, and asked
Her pee out her penis?
Uh, no, she doesn't have a penis.
Where her pee?
She pees out of her urethra, near her vagina.
Oh. Where my 'gina?
You don't have one. You have a penis.
What dis?
(he was naked. Of course)
Those are your testicles. Boys have those.
Ayen hab dose?
Ma-hew hab dose?
Daddy hab dose?
Amiss hab dose?
No. She has a vagina.
Oh...Her hab ankles?

I howled. He's trying to figure out, exactly which body parts are missing, here? Because maybe she doesn't have ankles! His face when he asked was classic: scrunched way up in a huge question mark, with one eye closed and one eyebrow raised.

Her have ankles?


Louise Chapman said...

I love two year olds. Good thing they are so cute and can say such adorable things...gets us through the not so cute stuff:)

Caryn Ouwehand said...


I love the confusion. I had no shirt on the other day and Silas piped up pointing at my nipples, "Mommy, You have two penises!"

ms emili louann said...

Elijah asked similar queries about Olivia when I started watching her :)

And THANK YOU for using the correct terminology with your children! It drives me absolutely BONKERS when people water it down and say "weener" for penis, etc. Thanks for keepin' it real ;)

Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...


Emili, I'm glad you feel that way. I recently said "penis" and was told "You say penis a LOT. Can't you come up with another word for it?" Of course not! It's called a penis, for pete's sake!

melissa said...

lol, Caryn, HYSTERICAL! That one had me crying.

As for the terminology, you can thank my mom for that. She and my dad were hippies. She is a nurse. Between the two, the correct terminology was what we grew up with, so anything else seems odd.

As for my in-laws, they're getting used to me and my 'correct terminology'

lori said...

I predict that "Her hab ankles?" will become a favorite family question to break up those too serious / intense moments.

Super cute.