Thursday, March 31, 2011

If You Wish It, It Will Come...except when it comes to diapers

Today was GORGEOUS! We walked to school at pickup time again, stopping at the park on the way home, and we were all flinging off layers of coats and sweaters and socks and shoes (Ayden even took off his shirt), and I lay down on the ground and soaked up the sunshine. It was so fabulous. And so warm! Hurrah! Glorious.

We cancelled our wonderful diaper service this week. We gave it a good effort, Amarys' bum just couldn't handle cloth diapers in any way, shape, or form...well, we didn't try different diapers or soaps or anything, because we were using a diaper service...but we gave it a try with several different creams and airings and really frequent diaper changing tactics, and some copious amounts of corn starch, but nothing worked. Her butt was so raw it was bleeding sometimes. Poor baby. So we made the switch. She's in disposable diapers. Ack! But you know, we did our bit and kept thousands and thousands of diapers out of the landfill by putting three kids in cloth diapers, and we are trying to be a tiny bit better and use chlorine free diapers, or at least using some in conjunction with your regular run of the mill store brand diapers. I'm hoping some EC will also reduce the number of diapers we use, although I haven't really gotten around to researching that yet. I have caught some poops and some pees, but nothing really more than recognition on my part!
Goodbye to my wonderful diaper service....we've loved you for years...



Dana said...

Yay for spring!!!! We are so so close right now. Lots of the snow is gone, and it's almost warm. Tomorrow is forecast to be gorgeous!

We have ended up with a mix and match diapering program... I am having trouble keeping up with laundry these days.. We still struggle with smelly dipes from time to time... Occasional yeasty rash in his leg creases... but the great news is that Joshie is starting to sometimes tell us he has to pee and to have dry stretches of a several hours. Maybe when it's warmer he can go bare bottom for a few days and get right out of diapers- what a relief that will be!

I cannot believe that your beautiful Ammi is four weeks already!!!

Way to go Team Vose, cannot wait to see the six of you and your new HQ when we are there in the summer.

Louise Chapman said...

Hey Mel, once she is on solids, you could always use a bio-liner/flushie in the disposable diaper so that if she has a dirty diaper, you don't need a new diaper, just take out the liner, you know? Just an idea for not going through so many disposable diapers. It only works if she has super solid poops:)

Louise Chapman said...

By the way, if my suggestion is gross, pretend I didn't say it:)

Em and Luc said...

Hi Melissa,
which brand of cloth diapers would you recommend? I'm starting to explore my option to have somewhat of a plan for when our little guy is fully cooked :)