Thursday, March 31, 2011


Springtime is finally, slowly appearing. Amidst some Arctic gusts and Amazon downpours, spring is springing. At last. Cherry blossoms are blooming on our neighbour's cherry tree and we are pleased to see that it fills our front picture window. Total bonus: all the glory and none of the pruning or pink petal mess! Our backyard window sports the same view from a different tree. We also planted 10 raspberry canes (on sale at Cedar Rim Nursery for $1.98 per cane), 9 blueberry bushes, and 20 strawberry plants. And some daffodils and primulas, which promptly froze because we did them too early. Final frost is a tough guesstimate, especially around here. Those we did before Amarys was born, but the fruit plants should be safe now.

A little while ago it was sunny one evening and while Brent cooked dinner I walked to the mailbox to collect the mail. By myself. All by myself. Solitary. Oh, blissful solitude. Don't get me wrong; I love my kids and I love to be with them like nobody's business, but I'm a creature who appreciates quiet moments alone with my thoughts. It occurred to me that this was the first time I had been truly alone in approximately ten months. Unaccompanied by Amarys. It was a half a block to the mailbox and half a block back, so we're not talking jailbreak here, but it was a very nice half block trek.

Then last week one evening I put Amarys to sleep in our bedroom and left Brent to put the older three to bed, and I LEFT THE HOUSE. I went to the grocery store. What freedom! I picked out two entire items without interruptions, and then sat in the van in the parking lot for five minutes listening to the silence. And eating chocolate. Then I drove to McDonald's because Brent wanted a McFlurry (I can't eat them because of Amarys and the whole milk thing). I was gone for about half an hour.

Then yesterday I put a pot full of chicken bones on the stove to boil, left Brent with all four chicken littles, and drove to WalMart. BY MYSELF! This was an hour round trip, same idea: two items selected in solitude with no interruptions. Really, it's about being sprung from responsibility and human appendages. Just for a short, blissful stint. Ah, so nice.
When I got back from that one, Brent asked if I had the paper for the thank you cards CUSTOM MADE. As in, "WHAT TOOK YOU SO F#$%^ING LONG?!" Well, I took my time, thank you.

Speaking of walking, we got it together yesterday to walk to school to pick up the boys for the first time since Amarys was born. It was fun! We stopped at a park on the way home and they yelled and climbed trees and flung was fabulous. Now if only the atmosphere would warm up, it would truly feel like spring.

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Tamie said...

I've tried about four times to comment on here...I hope it works this time! What I've been trying to say is that that picture of the flower at the top of this post reminds me of spring in Langley, how glorious it always was when people started actually sitting on the lawn at TWU! Those are great memories. They really make me want to come visit!!