Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Story of Amarys

So we had two names shortlisted in case our baby was a girl; Amarys and Leokadia. We wanted to see her face before we named her to see which name suited her the best. In the end, Amarys was it.
A friend of ours from university, who was one of our bridesmaids and a really cool person, was named Vanessa. Her older sister was named Amarys. I think we met Amarys once at Vanessa's wedding, but I can't actually remember for sure. So we don't actually know the original Amarys herself but we always loved her name. To me, it reminds me of amethyst, which is a really beautiful purple and white stone that sparkles in the sun. It also sounds like the french word for love. It means 'Promised by God.' Which is pretty cool, although we didn't have any prophetic word that we would have a little girl, a fourth child, or anything. But aren't all children little promises from God that peace is possible, that redemption is worth striving for, and that God himself is full to overflowing with love?
It's a beautiful name. And it suits her well.


Tamie Harkins said...

I LOVE her name, both/all of them! Good work. I think you've named her perfectly.

Caryn Ouwehand said...

I went to school with an Amaris (different spelling), and I always loved her name, but I think the "Y" in there makes it even cooler.