Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photog carnival

So I really wanted to share some tulip festival photos with you, but had to stay chronological first...so here are some photos of us lately!

We added another [admittedly dorky, but I love them]
family member sticker to our van

Amarys, five weeks

Ayden plays his violin for someone other than myself, his dad,
and his violin teacher for the very first time...completely of his own
initiative =)

Amarys' general opinion of the world,
particularly after 7 pm

My sister in law came to town with my niece and nephew,
Ella and Ruben, and we walked the Fort to Fort one
afternoon~Riley found this a reason to celebrate...

Ayden, Matthew, Ella, and Riley on the Fort to Fort

My mom has a similar picture of her and I, when I'm
about the same age;

Vose cousins! Who doesn't love the couch lineup picture?!?!
Ayden, Matthew, Amarys, Ella, Riley, and Ruben


My cousin Sara and her two boys came to visit,
to meet Amarys and hang out with our boys~the older
boys skipped a day of school and we did the Fort to Fort
in the other direction, which has horses to feed and tons of
trail (and meadow) to tear around on

Riley, Ryen, Matthew, Kaleb, and Ayden

Ryen loves babies ♥

Our new house!

Brent mows his very own lawn for the first time in his life!
(our old place had a strata and lawn care by a landscaper)
Isn't he handsome? Hands off, ladies, he's all mine...

Riley and his scooter
('mine tooter')

Ayden 'babysat' Amarys in his room while Brent and I
put their brothers to sleep one night. She was fussy (go figure),
so he gave her a finger to suck on. She fell asleep and then he was
stuck lying next to her until we came in to check on them...
too cute!

Baby fauhawk

Amarys has funny toes~they are all long, and the pinkies
like to stick out at odd angles, like this:


Tonya said...

Vodka, Brent, tooter and finger suck. Yes, I have to write all that down immediately so I can remember what to say! HILARIOUS picture of Riley holding the vodka. That is great! Brent, you're such a stud mowing your own lawn! Love the tooter. And the picture of Ayden with Amarys sucking on his finger is too too cute. My kids have been stuck in similar situations before. So sweet of him to love his sister (and his parents) like that!!!

lori said...

Great set of shots, I agree! Having so many kids and cousins looks like it makes photo shoots a real hoot.

Amarys' sticking out pinky toes are serious adorable overload (a little more likely to get caught in knitted socks, but never mind that)!


lori said...

Cute pic of you and babe too. Was the shot of your mom and you also at Fort to Fort?

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Nice House! Nice Kids! Nice Babysitting Ayden! Nice Fauhawk!

melissa said...

thanks lovelies! i was getting discouraged that no one seeme to be commenting, but i just need to wait til people have time to visit =)

Amarys' pinky toes are at grave risk, i must admit...so far we have avoided incident! =)
The photo of me with my mom was in Vernon, 5 hours from the fort to fort, i'm afraid. that would be cool though!

nancy said...

thanks for the pis update - I need a baby fix soon! Lynne thinks Amarys in blue striped hat looks like you! The one of her screaming is great and I like the one similar to you and I in snuggly. and all the little cousis are adorable.
Mexico continues to be heavenly. Lynne and Jeanne went on a mayen ruins tour. Dad and I did that already so I'm enjoying some quiet down time today. I'm on my 4th book! I need a kindel/Kobo. Any opinion which is better?
love you all - mommy

nancy said...

I mean pics, not pis!

nancy said...

please excuse all typos!

Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...

These are all great, but those toe shots at the end? Edible!

ms emili louann said...

Love these pictures - especially the one of Ayden with his finger in Amarys' mouth. Too precious! What a wonderful big brother, sacrificing his appendages like that!