Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogger: FAIL! School: Success!

Blogger is driving me batty.  Pages won't load properly, comments won't post, and half the time the top bar of my blog is blank so I can't even sign in.
POOP on you, free web system problems!!

On the other hand, Riley and I made it to our first Strong Start today!  I have been wanting to check out this program since September, but haven't gotten around to it til today.  Pregnancy really puts a cramp in my style.  And a black hole in my memory.
Riley's morning clingy whiney routine has been getting on my nerves lately, and I think he's bored.  Mornings after the older kids get dropped off at school are my only real opportunity to relax, and although I spend some of my time on the floor playing blocks and cars wiss a little someone, more than half an hour and I'm pretty bored.  The dishes are calling me.  My shower is calling me.  The computer is calling me.  SO.  Anyways, Riley gets bored and takes it out on me.  ENTER: Strong Start!  A government funded program for 0-5 aged kids, designed to support families and kids during the years that their brains develop the most (the first 6 years).  It is basically a preschool classroom geared for young kids, with lots of free play, educational equipment, circle time, library time, and gym.  Parents sign the kids in but participate fully and stay with the kids, so this is my kind of program.
Yesterday I told Riley tomorrow HE would get to go to school and he about hit the roof with excitement.  His eyes lit up and got really big, and his whole body wiggled.  He packed up his backpack with so much pride this morning, and off we went!  He loved it and I did, too.  The room was set up for toddlers, with the right size/amount/height of tables, chairs, toys, sandbox, sink, etc, so after we hung up his backpack he dashed off to play and didn't look back for me for at least forty five minutes.  It was awesome.  He was fully entertained, and participated excitedly in singing during circle time, although during the story he lost interest and asked if he could play with the cars.
Typical of my baleen whale baby, he was all over snacktime.  He was the last kid to leave the table.  Also typically, he chose a pink plate and a pink cup, because his favorite colour is pink.  He's hilarious.  I think it's so sweet and wonderful that he is still young enough to think pink is just as available to him as a favorite as all the other colours in the world.  And Amarys was dressed in a blue sleeper with ambulances and cars on it so everyone thought she was a boy.  Despite the pink soother.  What do I care?  Girls can be paramedics too.  What's with the hyped up gender clothing anyways?  You just try and buy a gender neutral pair of pants for a baby.  YOU CAN'T.  Same with sleepers.  Socks.  Hats.  Do you have a boy?  Only trucks and bears and sports equipment may don the front of his shirts.  Girl?  Kitty cats, flowers, and the odd watermelon.

This stuff has always been important to me.  Funny how I talk about it more now.

Also looking ahead to summer.  Anyone have any ideas on how to entertain three boys in such a way that they won't fight ALL SUMMER?  I'm thinking of going TV free this summer.  TV helps mitigate fighting, so the topics are related.
Any and all craft, activity, and fight-avoidance sticker chart suggestions welcome....


Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Blogger is sucking.
I need to check out STrong Start for Koen, I wonder what the minimum age is....

Jen said...

What web browser do you use? I find Mozilla Firefox makes blogger work much better. I switched to it when I read that it's more compatible and haven't seemed to have any problems - but I've been on a blogging hiatus so that could be why! ;-)