Sunday, May 29, 2011

Coming Home

I had not actually had a chance to sit down and look at these photos until today, three months after they were taken!  I figured you would enjoy them nearly as much as I did....better late than never!

Six hours old

Tiny peanut


We're home!  First meeting for Riley (Ayden was the only one awake at 2:30
when the kids came into our room to meet her the night before)

First meeting for Matthew

Don't we make cute babies?
Welcome home, littlest one

Ayden (he has been wishing for a sister for quite a few years)


Riley~a little cautious, a lot excited (note that he won't actually 'touch' her)


nancy said...


Rob-o-SE-yo said...

I like Tiny Peanut, Don't We Make Cute Babies, and the three with her brothers best.

THank you for sharing these.