Sunday, May 15, 2011


Yesterday was gorgeous!  Hurrah!  Not that it lasted long aTALL, since today was a return to friggin' rain. But I maximized it.  MAX.  I planted my garden.  I was getting anxious because I had the seeds and I had the plants for those veggies that need to be started indoors (no way are any sprouting seeds surviving my boys if they are indoors, I'm telling you--and my time is worth more than babysitting some PLANTS) but there was no good weather for planting!  Until yesterday.  I took photos and documented the whole thing so I'll bore y'all with that later.
I did a square foot garden, which is kind of all the rage these days.  My friend made his wife a square foot garden for Mother's Day!  Too fun.  Anyways, I did that yesterday.
And then I went to a dinner with my friend Asheya.  She presented at a birth conference called Turning The Tide [awesome name], which included obstetricians, perinatal nurses, midwives, doulas, and consumer representatives!  So cool.  Asheya's a research assistant for an OB who is currently studying epidurals.  Cool.
So Amarys and I showed up as Asheya's guests for the final dinner; very posh, catered, in this amAHAzing home downtown, on a quiet tree lined street filled with cherry blossoms.  Good food.  Amarys did pretty well, considering it was her bedtime.  She only screamed a bit.
I met this really interesting woman who was also a guest of someone attending the conference.  She's a filmmaker and feminist maybe in her 60s or so?  Fascinating, very smart, cool to talk to.  She hated the Babies documentary: who hates Babies?  Seriously.  A true filmmaker, that's who.  She was telling us about this publicly funded women's flimmakers guild that was started in "The Year of the Woman" [1974]  in Canada, and that it was truly unique in its ability to empower women filmmakers in Canada.  It lasted 25 years and in her opinion was disbanded ostensibly because women were now considered integrated into the filmmaking industry and didn't need their own association anymore, when in actual fact this is not true.  We also talked about hard hitting documentary films produced by women [The Business of Being Born, Orgasmic Birth, etc] and documentaries in general.  I LOVE documentaries.  Love them.  I watch them on my solo nights because Brent hates documentaries and gets me in trouble when I come home from Blockbuster with documentaries in my hand...

Today I was solo.  I hate being solo on weekends.  I've got three boys.  Trapped in my house with three screaming, fighting, wrestling, running, turn toys into weapons, turn household objects into weapons, climb the walls boys on a rainy Saturday?  Not my favourite.
The main reason I hate solo Saturdays is because everyone else has spouses at home on Saturdays so they never want to get together and do anything, instead they're all doing "family time" crap [eyeroll: you do know I'm being sarcastic, right?], and everything you might bring your kids to by yourself is insanely busy.  The pool?  Insane.  Go Bananas?  A zoo.  The park?  Overrun.
I dread solo Saturdays.  Anyways, today was one and I was happy to survive it very well despite gloomy weather.  Amarys slept in her own bed for the first night ever~she sleeps so miraculously that I figured she'd probably be okay in her bed while I enjoyed not being the peanut butter in a baby sandwich for one night.  She slept til 6, nursed, and slept again til 10.  My older kids got their own toast so I slept til 10 too.  AWESOME POSSUM!  Then we gathered the troops, dressed them all [a feat], and got in the van.  I drove to the Houston Trail and we hiked.  "Some" of us may have complained that mommy didn't bring snacks, but she was all non sympathetic with her "You MIGHT die before we get back to the van."  She's so sarcastic.
Anyways, we had fun.  I was adventurous and brought the dog.  I hiked, with four kids, by myself, AND brought the dog with no manners.
[I have to tell you about the Damn Dog and his possible relocation plans due to massively horrible behaviour, but I've been avoiding it....I will soon....]
I think I am happiest when I watch my boys run around in nature.  They run yelling through the trees and throw rocks and stomp in the creeks and mud and spongy moss, and pick me flowers, and scream at each other happily or scrappy or whatever and I feel like, this is childhood.  And they're not wrecking my furniture to do it.  =)
We came home and I fed them a late lunch, got them a board game organized which never actually got played, and then made dinner.  It was a good dinner too!  Yummy.
Solo Saturday success.  YES! *fist pump*
Fun times.


Louise Chapman said...

Good job on a solo Saturday!
I work almost every single Saturday so our family day is Sunday. Hope Brent is home today so you can enjoy a family afternoon in the rain. This weather has been so frustrating.

PS I didn't really like the Babies documentary either. I liked the cinematography aspect but as for the Namibian story, I found it did not at all represent how hard working the women are and how tough their lives are. It's cute but that's about it. I almost fell asleep.

Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...


You must have some crazy kind of energy that I simply don't have. I feel adventurous if I just get Bennett on a walk each day. You're incredible.

Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...

Also: I loved the Babies film! There were parts I was bored at (like the American family), but I watched it several times and totally loved it. But like Louise said, mainly I found it to be really cute. And cute's okay, yeah?