Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunshine and Books

AT LAST!  THE SUN IS SHINING!  AND IT IS HOT!  (and also quite humid, from all the moisture in the soil responding to the heat beating down on it for the first time in eleventy billion months).  We are enjoying it to is fullest maximum potential.  We eat outside, we play outside, we walk to and from school outside, we're soaking it in people!  And it feels GOOD!  =)

Brent bought me a late Mother's Day gift with a gift card he won through our local radio station.  It's a Kobo!!!  An electronic book reader that can store a THOUSAND BOOKS!!!!!!!!  Any literature lover can see the drastic advantage of this.  And I love it!!!  I have wanted one of these since they were first invented.  Well really I wanted an Ipad, but only because it could store so many books on it; this is even better because it is specifically intended for reading literature and so it is cheaper than an Ipad and easier on the eyes because it reads just like a book.  I'm reading Anna Karenina.  100 classics were included on it for free (including the Communist Manifesto by Marx: that's next on my list.  No seriously!  Who is going to actually purchase that on a limited budget, but I've always wanted to read it.)  In fact there is a ton of Russian stuff on there: Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky mostly.  I like Tolstoy but Dost is this heavy dusty boring cyclical navelgazing conversation on the horrible depressing state of the world.....I'm always like OMG get on with it already and kill yourself or pick yourself up by the bootstraps.  I mean, JEEPERS.  How long to we have to extrapolate upon what it's like to live as a poor student or a prostitute with no brightness, hope, or prospect of a better future?  Gag me.  I'm not really all that into Russian literature or Russian style literature for similar reasons.
But I like Tolstoy.  He's willing to admit to some brightness and colour in life.

Also tonight I went to a 2 1/2 hour long meeting at the school regarding Matthew.  The kid confounds even his learning assistance teacher.  But his teacher for next year is really special, and he's going to go in the multi aged, montessori style class that Ayden is in.  So, next year they will be in the same classroom, and their teacher is not even slightly scared.  Mwahahahahaha!  No, we talked extensively about them being together and they are fully prepared.  They have other sibling groups too because it is a multi aged class and have worked out systems to make it work, and even make it beneficial overall because the siblings learn how to work together and it spills over into their lives at home.  Perhaps this will be the answer to all my prayers that they just damn well stop fighting already [I mean all my prayers that they learn to love each other and yeah]!  ANY ways.  I'm convinced this will be the answer.  Because my kid is special and unique and brilliant and difficult to unlock and difficult to teach and highly distractible and low initiative and low impulse control and NOTHING comes easily to him in life and I wonder, what on earth was God thinking?  So many challenges for one small kid?!  But it's Matthew's journey and I can't direct it.  I can only walk alongside him and equip him for the hike.  And I think this teacher may be smitten with him and also stimulated by the challenge of finding new ways to teach him. HOORAY!  Someone else who loves our kid and has the creativity and tenacity to work with his uniqueness and teach him what he needs to know.  ♥
GOD BLESS TEACHERS!!  I'm so glad we have them.  [and I'm so glad its not me]  I'm so glad they are passionate and hard working and just so special and talented.  Thank you, teachers.

Tomorrow I will put four small kids in the van and drive five hours to visit my mom and dad for the weekend.  Brent is working, so we are leaving him behind.  Yes, just me and some leeches on a road trip.  PRAY HARD!  =D  It should be a blast.


Tania Grim said...

oh im dripping with jealousy! I have been wanting a kobo forever. I have checked the 100 classic list over nd over again LOL.

literal mama said...

I love my kobo. And I still love books. I love having the option of both.

And I love sun. And kids playing outside all day. And dirty floors from dogs and kids tracking through the house. And applying sunscreen a hundred times a day...oops, I got a little off track.

I'm so glad spring is finally here and it's so much sweeter after the months of suffering.

lori said...

That is RAD to have the teachers expressing so much concern for and interest in Matthew, and feeling spritely with new ideas. Team effort.